PTR help for newbie

Just checked…
PTR Bag of Fortune (costs 50 bloodshards) contains…
100 of each Bounty material
500 Death’s Breaths
1000 white / blue / yellow
1000 forgotten souls

Thank you all for your help and suggestions.

For other newbies still unsure, here’s what I got and did. I started a new character at 0 and had to work up to 70 before anything could be done. I did some regular rifts and had some blood shards to buy bags from the PTR Vendor, Djank Mi’em, before I hit Lvl 70. Unfortunately, gear is set to 70 so it’s useless until you level up. You could get treasure bags so you don’t have to do bounties. Each character gear bag holds almost all the types of gear for each set.

Once I did the above, I went back to try to Copy to PTR. It erased my first character and let me select any of my regular games characters to start at their current level to buy gear to test. My complete chest was there to draw on.

My take on this is to use a new character to test the upcoming theme or use the Copy to PTR to test lots of gear choices and setups.

Use PTR Copy once to load all existing heroes. Then rebirth a hero or create a new seasonal hero for testing seasonal theme.


What Maskraider said.

Next PTR, do the PTR Copy first. Then, you can Rebirth your main to test the Seasonal Theme or just create a new Seasonal Character. (If you Rebirth, don’t forget to stash your gear, including your equipped Potion and Followers’ gear).

Occasionally, Blizzard will wipe the PTR server. When this happens you won’t have any Characters listed. You’ll have to create a Seasonal Character first. But, don’t waste time playing it. Once you’ve created a PTR Seasonal Character, then do your PTR Copy. When the PTR Copy is done you can Rebirth a Character or create a new Seasonal PTR Character.

Just to add one reminder for PTR newbies.
To use PTR Copy, you need to create a dummy hero first if your hero list is empty.
You don’t need to level it up at all.
Afiter PTR Copy, this dummy will be erased and replaced with heroes on the live realm you selected.

The step is stated in the PTR blog, I repeat it just in case people don’t read blog.

They don’t, that’s why the same questions get asked and answered every three months.

I’m total newcomer in ptr and I have copied all my characters but if i delete items in my invehtory in ptr in order to make space will i still got the items in my “real” profile. Is ptr just a place to copy and try itens in other words with no impact on “real” profile?

Copy is a one direction action.
That should answer your question.

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PTR is an acronym for Public Test Region. It is for testing purposes only. There is only one PTR server and it is completely separate from the Live servers.

In other words, as Maskraider stated: You can copy your Live server Characters to the PTR server, but you cannot copy PTR Characters to the Live servers. Also, at the end of the PTR, nothing you do in the PTR transfers over to the Live servers. And nothing you do during the PTR will affect your Live server Characters.

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