PTR for Xmas & New year

Releasing PTR for Christmas & New year period isnt bad if s27 gonna finish next year

Sure, because they (whoever they are) love to work during the largest worldwide holiday season…


Ergh… Just leave the server active, back end will collect the data.

Doesn’t the PTR start after the Season ends and before the next Season starts?
Edit: Oops. The Patch goes live between Seasons.

So far, we’ve only had 3 Seasons that ended in December.

Season End Date
4 December 30, 2015
8 December 30, 2016
24 December 5, 2021

This Season 27 started August 26, 2022.

If it lasts It will end
112 days December 16, 2022
121 days December 25, 2022
128 days January 1, 2023

Diablo III Seasons

Also, keep in mind that The Darkening of Tristram Event starts on January 3, 2023.

I’ll leave it to the rest of you to speculate when the PTR and Season 28 start.

Yes it doesn’t… :slight_smile:

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PTR is during the last few weeks of a seson. Then they announce seson end and then new seson start.

What if there are preformance issues, that needs someone to fix?

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People will insta complain when something turns out broken or overpowered. If not handled soom tm, the season will be “ruined”…

That does not require a season running, nor starting one. The season transfer can happpen just fine before, during or after the darkening of tristram…

However, I am guessing S27 ends early Januari and S28 starts the Friday after. That would allow for the darkening to be in S28 long enough to enjoy it.

I guess I was thinking of when the Patch goes live.

Yes, I know.

I only mentioned it because it (more than likely) determines when Blizzard will be back in the office after the holidays. Although, that may be irrelevant since The Cultist Pages part of that Event begins on December 31, which is New Years Eve.  

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I actually want to enter the new season as we hit the christmas and new year. I just hope we get the PTR news sooner.

I wonder how many people who ask about the PTRs/new seasons will finish the season in the first two weeks?

It’s always the ones that got bored after a month max, who ask about new patch notes.

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Since when does PTR issues were fixed asap?

PTR bugs were never handled instantly, always at least 1 week after. Many stuff dont get fixed. Christmas period isnt that long anyway, its a 2-3 week period.

Exactly this, rather than the already ghost town/stale s27 overlaps into end of year holiday period, PTR, might as well be broken PTR is way better.

You also want as many people to play as possible right? And while many people will play a whole lot between Christmas and New Year it should be less than normal?

I think seeing as how we are at end of November already if PTR doesn’t start like this week it’s starting on the first week of January. This gives them two weeks of December work and the season starts right as January does. But PTR at start of January is kind of a mess in terms of Darkening of Tristram.

I would guess it starts in January just because having them work during those 2 weeks is not ideal.


Starting PTR before the holiday break is optimal, that way you have no reason to rush taking it down since they can’t rush out the patch and new season right before Xmas. We can get our 2-3 weeks of testing with no stress, no worries. They’ll come back and access everything for the new year, then drop the new season.

It’s actually quite well timed this delay, some might say it’s for a reason! :shushing_face: