PTR ended yesterday! When blizzard is gonna announce end of S21?

Some people says 8 nov cuz portuguesse battlenet launcher announced it by mistake a week ago, but we havent got any official announcement.

Blizzard plz, tell the community the end of s21 date and the starting date for s22.

I would like to get a couple of free days of work when S22 starts, and i need to ask for them with 3 or 4 weeks of time.

Plz tell us dates!!!



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Yeah it says Nov 8th S21 end date in portuguesse, but everywheer else its just “ending soon”. I just wanna play the new season already.

S21 will end tomorrow. S22 will start the day after, and Bombardment gets another nerf.

Just speculation, and prob 100% wrong.

Well, they always deploy the new Patch first. Then, a week or two later, the new Season starts.


the problem is the defition of soom from Blizard’s point of view:
soon can be any moment between tomorrow and december 2099

d4 was also comming soon 2 years ago…

no it was not

maybe you are thinking
the announcement was coming soon

S21 end date has been announced.


Finally…20 chars needed

it looks like Nov 20 will be most possible start date of season22

Man that would suck. I really hope by some miracle it starts on the 13th.

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20 would be a bad date, this season is already very long, season 22 should start at most 13.

ps: sry for my english xD

Yep. If they end Season 21 on November 8th like they say, it will be 128 days. Not as long as Season 1 or Season 3, but longer than the rest.

11/8 is the confirmed date

I’m just covering my bases. (Blizzard has been known to change their minds… confirmed announcements or not).