PTR 2.7.2 is Now Live

Please note PTR 2.7.2 testing will take place over the next two weeks. The current focus is on Soul Shards and Class Balance Changes

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As a reminder, this forum is for PTR Feedback. Please direct any feedback or suggestions regarding Patch 2.7.2 to the PTR Bug Forum.


Well to be honest with you, I did like the Soul shard add, it was a good change, but the fact we got a taste of the bug allowing us to use 2 of them in our weapons was honestly really fun, i grew bored of the game ages ago because it was the same concept over and over, constant grind to the same ol set builds to get anywhere, got boring pretty fast, also the recent nerf to the Soul of Terror shard, that was a nasty nerf, i lost so much tankyness on my barb because of it and i cant survive much anymore, i get that the 2 shards in weapons wasn’t intended but why dont you allow it to be added back, and allow the shards to be added to other classes off hands, it’ll make them so much better, and will bring me back to play this game again, to be fair there will always be classes stronger then others regardless, but giving them all the 2 shard buff will make things much better again, i will no longer play the ptr, the nerf and the socket shard took away from my personal fun, tbf the game was much more fun with the 2 shards in weapons and i was actually enjoying the tankyness and power. GL on the remaining changes. cant say ill come back, as i said game was fun again until the changes were made.

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The Destruction and Hatred gems are still useless for all classes/specs…
Shadow set really still squishy as before and single target for RG still takes 4 mins to clear at least…
Marauder buff? Seriously?
So let me get this straight…
Best builds are Inna’s Monk , Firebird Wiz and the reworked Marauders…
What difference does it make from last season?
I can’t see any.


There are monks using the shard of hatred. It’s competitive with sliver for them after the nerf.

Please fix fire birds for console make twisters not prod 6 piece please they use ignite and twisters to lag the game so hard they are getting insane clears cause the timer stops and the progress still goes up