PTR 2.7.1 Is has ended!


Our PTR testing period for the 2.7.1 update begins on June 17, and we’re asking for your help to quell the tides of surging demons.

The PTR 2.7.1 test has ended and we thank you all for your contributions! Looking forward to seeing you when the new patch and season drops!

Please note PTR 2.7.1 testing will take place over the next two weeks. The current focus is on Ethereals and Class Balance Changes

Don’t forget to take a look at the patch notes, and visit our full blog here

As a reminder, this forum is for PTR feedback. Please direct any bugs or issues regarding Patch 2.7.1 to the PTR Bug Report Forum.

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I gotta say i’m pleasantly surprised by the ethereals. That beeing said it’s mostly because we didn’t know the kind of stats they’re going to have.
But having the possibility of getting a 2h wep legendary affix on a one hander is pretty much game changing.
I predict you’re gonna see a record breaking number of posts about keeping them forever and for a good reason, they’re pretty cool.

On the balance side it’s easy to see with this theme that Necro and Sader would have been too dominant.

One thing that bugs me regarding Inna: Could we move the pet damage increase from the weapon to something else? (more on the boots or on the bracers)

It’s a damn shame having to choose between wearing the daibo or using one of the new ethereals.


ethereals looks like it is going to be amazing i have tried a couple things on the DH However it does not look like the Shadows Mantle impale set will be able to enjoy this season, Due to the 2 piece set giving 6000% damage when using a melee weapon. It is just to powerful of a boost to lose i tried using the karlei’s point legendary affix on a ethereal weapon but with it not being a melee weapon it is just to much of a power loss. :frowning:

I want to see people trying clear a 120 on Shadow and meanwhile every other class set farming 130s…
Like is there a reason having the Shadow set in the set leaderboards even?

i was just testing it out lol. Don’t get me wrong i love god dh it is my favorite. But it would be cool to see impale brought up to be fun as well.

I personally like the changes to the Inna’s set, but with out one of the Ethereal weapons. The damage on this build is very lacking, and it is not even reading on the Inna’s leaderboards. This build is slow and squishy at T16 until you get the stacks up, and this is at 600 paragon on season (with 100 points in Vitality) and close to 2000 off season. So the damage output needs to be raised, and needs better damage reduction. The damage reduction is ok at best, but if you can’t get hits in for being dead then the damage reduction is not going to work at all. The damage need to go up from 950% to at least 1500% if you want it to compete with any of the other Monk builds this includes the LOD builds.

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I think it would be better if they took the weapon and made it a pair or shoulders. or even if they added it to the helm or belt. that way it wouldn’t push the set way behind the LOD builds.

Hello, I would like to open a thread for the opportunity of improving the “materials” needed for crafting. Is it possible to adjust this? For example changing forgotten souls to other materials in the cube? I’ve played this game for a while and I find myself hunting for normal and blue’s more often than not after a certain point of progression. Which inevitably makes me feel bored. Players should be rewarded for reaching higher levels and collecting forgotten souls. Please adjust this so the game doesn’t feel like you are constantly searching for materials, but more of a focus on playing, enjoying the process and consequently knowing how to use all the different ways of crafting weapons.

Biggest down side of the set is the clunky dmg reduction mechanic.

I would say the bounties give quite a lot white yellow and blue. But it is not efficient to run alone and it gets boring very soon. I would really wish that they just give x3 bounty materials for a solo run which makes group play still superior but help solo run a lot.

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PTR has been tested fairly extensively. It would be nice to have some sort of response. It’s clear that it’s ready for a tweak, so say something.

“We have read all of your feedback and we are going to try to make adjustments based on the information gathered.”

I have put a significant amount of time into this ptr, but I wonder what’s the point? I do not see any communication here from devs, or any blue posts after saying the ptr was up.

Should I spend an hour or more compiling my thoughts into this, or just take the info i got to help speed run the next Guardian and get out soon as i get the Feat of Strength?

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Roughly an hour ago…

Disappointed in necro nerfs, I was looking forward to it the most. Bone spear was op but the nerf is way to severe. Either 20k no 3x or 6k with 3x on 6 piece please. The ethereals are good but if no good base build to put it on what good are they.

Even more buffed FB and nothing new for Shadow DH . KEKW

I see the same thing. If the purpose is to enhance the mystic allies, the set feels only partially complete. I’m not seeing the point of using this set over any of the others because of that reduced damage buff. I could almost dismiss it if I weren’t so squishy – my Justice build is pretty squishy if I’m hit right, but I can slaughter most things before my fragility becomes problematic.
Playing Inna, I feel like I’m not getting a good showing because I need to farm out the right gear and play the set “the right way,” which doesn’t make it particularly enjoyable. I.e., if I have to play it a specific way to “make it work,” I won’t play it. On the other hand … part of me misses having all the allies with me instead of just the one I select, but that feels unnecessarily nitpicky.

They gave fire allies x5 multiplier to the buff on the bracers, and water ally still seems superior, regarding the feel if the play, they are not that clunky, more fluid. So they should delete the x5 multiplier for the fire ally, multiply the base buff on the bracer by 5 so it would apply to all allies. Also a little more dr buff would be nice.

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