PTR 2.7.1 | Ethereals: Testing Focus - We need your help!

So far things that haven’t worked:

  • Ethereals haven’t transferred between season transitions via stash and equipped
  • Character deletion (pre-season shutdown), revived (soon after season shutdown)
  • Bags of fortune - in stash, on inventory

Additional Notes:
Wanted to note that some Equipped Ethereals are showing on character screens but do not have Ethereals when entering a game.


Tried the same thing. Didn’t work for me neither. This little trick was used to circumvent the gem reset from 150 to 132 back in the days of FrailtyExploit. Not sure what else this might’ve been used for; but that’s what I knew it for.

All Ethereals were correctly voided (from where I placed them). Seems we are good to go and the void mechanic is working as intended.

  • Ethereal equipped on Follower. (not doable, hence safe)
  • Ethereal equipped on Character.
  • Ethereal in Inventory.
  • Ethereal in Stash.
  • Bags of Fortune in Inventory.
  • Bags of Fortune in Stash.
  • Ethereal equipped on Character (deleted seasonal / restored non-seasonal).
  • Ethereal equipped on Follower (deleted seasonal / restored non-seasonal). (not doable, hence safe)
  • Bag of Fortune in Inventory on Character (deleted seasonal / restored non-seasonal).

All outcomes either correctly voided the Ethereal, or the Bag of Fortune did not produce an Ethereal. So far all green on my end.

I did not play (nor was I logged into Battle.Net during this time). The only remaining attack vector/case I see, is a person successfully sneaking through a timed-attack with an action (character restoration?) the exact moment when the season ends and the transfer process is running.

//Edit: Stuff that was on my list, but was impossible. I still checked it green though a la “stuff that is impossible can’t lead to eths leaking through”. Thanks for pointing it out black!


OK, finally able to get on after some character loading issues. Being in a GR also does not lock the ethereal, nor any eth in inventory/stash

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No way, it’s impossible, not allowed by the game.

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Didn’t see this thread until just a few minutes ago, so didn’t made any preps on PTR.
My 2 S24 chars had an Ethereal equipped, several in stash, maybe (not sure) 1 or more Dank Meme bags in stash and/or inventory.
When trying to load into PTR, step “Retreiving Hero List”:
“There was a problem logging in to Diablo III. (Code 3)”
Tried it 3 times, same error every time.

Aye, you are absolutely right. It’s in my notes as “safe” . Edited the post and clarified that “impossible” = “green” (Ethereal not sneaking through). Thanks for pointing that out.

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Targeted ethereals like the WDs that specify a group of skills can make old builds or skills fun. Some like secondary on necro already have a weapon boosting them but one for blood skills or corpse ones would make for interesting choices.

Drop only. Having that one or two item type to hunt in game for is amazing. It helps more on console to prevent save state scumming and shinanagins.

Rewards for collecting, easy win

If ethereals are to be off season the flat damage bonuses would need to go. Having more stats amd a random legendary power makes them better already. Throw in the ability to reroll one stat perhaps with dust from other ethereal and you can craft a near perfect one in a season.

More of them would be needed for the builds that got excluded like shadow set on dh.

Adding more to the pool has a downside of making RnG worse but drop rate can be adjusted accordingly to 2% or 3%.

Whatever the solution is they should be kept drop only.

No ethereals make it to non season. All Gem of Ease also erased if put inside ethereals (maybe need to put a warning so no complaint?). I didn’t know the number of emerald (before/after season end) so i think that got deleted as well (very minor problem).

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That’s a good point. Three of the ethereals I had in the Stash had emeralds in, as did the one I had equipped on my hero. The ethereals were removed but the emeralds were not in my Stash / Inventory, and did not arrive in the “after season ended” in-game email. I can see people not being terribly concerned about emeralds (don’t people have hundreds / thousands of these non-seasonal by now?) but they might be annoyed if, say, it contained a high level Gem of Ease in it. So, when ethereals are removed, socketed gems should be refunded or it needs to be made extremely clear, with plenty of notice, in the run-up to the season ending that anything socketed in them will be lost.

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Sets get nerfs becouse blizard have not clue about this game , they have no skills to create better build wich will be beter then old set from last sezon , for that rison they making nerfs to old set to he will be worst the new one.
They have no enagh braine to keeping old sets and making new onece lite bit stronger , they like to all playing same things, wear same cloths like in comunizm game.

für mich sind die ethereale Waffen sind ok nur das sie für eine Season sind ist zu schade

ihr habt endlich was Neus gebracht ´was uns freut aber nur für ein Season ist nicht das ziel

ihr solltet in der Richtung mehr machen da mit Mann in spiel nicht schnell langweilig wird

zum bei spiel auch andere Ethereale Rüstung teile zufügen unds war für immer

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Agreed with you
#FromAlsace :wink:

Id chech hardcore inventory stashes after all hcs have been deleted