PTR 2.7.1 | Ethereals: Testing Focus - We need your help!

Just one idea:

Equip your char with an ET and fill your inventory with ET’s.
Delete this char before season ends, restore it after season.


So, things I can think of…

  • Have an ethereal equipped on seasonal hero
  • Have ethereals in a seasonal hero’s inventory
  • Have ethereals in the seasonal Stash
  • Have PTR Bag of Fortune in a seasonal hero’s inventory
  • Have PTR Bag of Fortune in the seasonal Stash
  • Have PTR Weapons Pack in a seasonal hero’s inventory
  • Have PTR Weapons Pack in the seasonal Stash

Oh, and for those of us in Europe…,14,312&h=8&date=2021-7-1&sln=11-12&hf=0

11:00 PST
19:00 BST (British Summer Time)
20:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)

–==[ EDIT ]==–

Here’s what I’ve got prior to season ending…

Screenshots show…

  1. Hero equipped with ethereal
  2. Hero’s inventory contains PTR Weapons Pack
  3. Hero’s inventory contains PTR Bag of Fortune
  4. Hero’s inventory contains one of each Barbarian ethereal weapon
  5. Hero’s Stash contains PTR Weapons Pack
  6. Hero’s Stash contains PTR Bag of Fortune
  7. Hero’s Stash contains one of each Barbarian ethereal weapon without sockets
  8. Hero’s Stash contains one of each Barbarian ethereal weapon with sockets, without gems
  9. Hero’s Stash contains one of each Barbarian ethereal weapon with sockets, with gems

I’ll update tomorrow with what turns up in my non-seasonal email after PTR Season 24 ends.


Maybe this should be posted in general discussion too to get more attention?

Currently in season, in stash and hero’s inventory:

  • 3 identified Ethereals
  • 3 unidentified Ethereals
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True. I didn’t look in that thread - and lots of other players may not too.

Oh dear, that would be 4am here. A pity…

If this patch goes live, 2k wiz can clear solo 150 and 3k wd can do 150.

Nerf wiz weapons and wd’s Needle.

More like, one or two of them, by the end of the season, if they are really lucky. It won’t be that easy to find the perfectly rolled ethereal in live season, compared to PTR.

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i’m fine with wd’s power for the season, but wizz is already maybe too strong, next season it’s op…
with the exeption of god dh the other classes could have needed some boost, and most of them barb and wd could have needed an additional toughness-buff

it’s ridiciulous that barbs ik set (or raekor…) are like 25-30 grs behind other classes top builds each season after season…and that’s just one class-example

Just thought about this potential loophole, too. This might actually be big.

Besides what peeps are suggesting, I’ll try to be in a greater rift when season ends. Since gear cannot be swapped out while in a GR, maybe this might cause a glitch hold. I’ll report on whether this works or not.
Was in a GR as promised. Getting error code 395002, problem loading hero after Season End.


I logged out of the PTR about 15 minutes before season end was due.

11:10 PST / 19:10 BST
Connected to a Blizzard Server
Retrieving hero list

It hung at the retrieving line for 30+ seconds then gave the message…

There was an error loading the hero. Please try again. (Code 395002)

11:15 PST / 19:15 BST
Successfully retrieved hero list…

On initial hero selection screen, my season 24 Barb was now non-seasonal, but still displayed as having the Grandfather ethereal equipped. On logging in and checking the character sheet…

  • Equipped Grandfather no longer there
  • Ethereals in Inventory no longer there

However, the PTR Weapons Pack and PTR Bag of Fortune were still in the Inventory.
Opened these in town.

  • Weapons pack dropped all legendary / set weapons as expected. No ethereals.
  • Bag of Fortune dropped emerald and Ramaladni’s Gift as expected. No ethereals.

Checked the in-game email to see what had arrived…

  • None of the ethereals from seasonal Stash had arrived
  • Weapons Pack and Bag of Fortune were available, collected and opene. No ethereals.

Recovered the deleted Wizard…

  • No ethereals in Stash.


  • No ethereals made it back to non-seasonal.


I forgot to say I’ve 1 bag of fortune in the stash and 1 in hero’s inventory.

The only thing I kept from the season (except heroes and common items), is the bags of fortune, but no Ethereals into, just mats and classic other things.

I tried the DestinyLord’s idea.

Same result, just a “classic” bag of fortune, no Ethereals into.

I have not found a way to transfer Ethereals to non season. Even through the restoration of a deleted character. just my shilling, Sherlock Holmes :slight_smile:

None here either. Deleted from my hands, not in the mail, and the armory shows weapon slots as missing.

Character selection screen still shows the eth weapons, but they did not transfer.

In-game weapon shows but is not equipped.

Seems others are able to get on now, but I am still getting error code 395002. I was in a GR at season end

So far things that haven’t worked:

  • Ethereals haven’t transferred between season transitions via stash and equipped
  • Character deletion (pre-season shutdown), revived (soon after season shutdown)
  • Bags of fortune - in stash, on inventory

Additional Notes:
Wanted to note that some Equipped Ethereals are showing on character screens but do not have Ethereals when entering a game.