Ptr 2.7.1 - barb

The barbarian “Weapons Master” passive doesn’t seem to gain any effects from the etheral weapons. Not sure if that was the intent, but flying axe for example doesn’t increase crit chance by 5% on the “sheet” like it should per the passive. Tested this theory and my crit chance did increase by 5% on the sheet when I equipped “The Hack” 1h axe for example. Would assume the same goes for the champion sword and balrog blade, but hard to determine if the 8% dmg increase from swords is working properly or not as well.

Already reported in PTR Bug Report…

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I noticed this as well. If you use 2 weapons, you can see a difference when swapping the second weapon into the main hand. It definitely doesn’t work, maybe because these weapons are not classified.

They fixed it in the PTR update. Tested in game and it works.