PTR 2.6.9 Concluson

Nothing to add here, this guy said everything.

Rly hope that Blizzard listen to this guy and all the other great player/PTR tester out there who mentioned the same …and more. :wink:


ive seen this too. Im okay with this too. Would even say that jesseths can go to 600% to make up for all the sacrifices that you take when equipping this.

I have high hopes still, as ive already seen our new community manager in the chat of for example fluffys and thapchilds meta podcast. he seems to listen :slight_smile:

my conclusion is GoD is fun but pestilence is still too weak.

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Really hope they update the new Necro set. I actually really enjoy playing it, reminds of an easier to play WD Darts build.

After trying LoD Corpse Explosion and Grim Scythe builds, the set lost it’s appeal and only got used for its xmog… which looks awesome imo.

Unfortunately, if it’s damage isn’t buffed it looks like poor Necro’s will be once again pulled towards LoD, like the Wizards seem to have done.

GoD imo is great, really like the latest version. It’s fast, powerful and most importantly, fun to play.

I’m not sure on where it stands from a balance point of view, but if it remains as is, it looks like I’m rolling a DH first for s21.

That’s all I really got time to check out.

Blizzard never listens to experienced players, they rather rely on unexperienced devs…thats why this game never gets balanced in a way it should be. So sad. I fear the worst for S21.
It’s a laugh that the new sets made it to PTR completely untested beforehand. And the season theme…omg…looks like they have nobody left to do the easiest QA tasks… :frowning:
The PTR and the community should be used for “finetuning” the new patch 2.6.9 but not for revealing the basic lack of essential gameplay functionalities (regarding new sets and season theme)…hopefully Blizzard can do better next time…but I wouldn’t bet on that…


Goes to show how poor a place Inarius is in when its even Ignored during a PTR where its had a change.

Inarius NEEDS some love, that 1% change hasnt done fk all for it.

it needs some mechanic changes to streamline the Bone armor stacks, and its damage output, added toughness outside of just flat damage reduction, and a few good , possibly new, legendaries to use with it. Bracers for example.

The sad truth is, Blizz dont give a flying fk about the ideas, feedback, and suggestions in these forums, their activity on these forums is disgraceful.

As for LOD builds.

Honestly it wouldnt be so bad if more of the non set specific legendareis were actually usable. (by all classes)
The easiest obvious examples being FrostBurn and Rimeheart. In theory they should be an awesome combination, especially for Necro with its cold damage skills. But the hidden proc coefficients make them worthless.
Also the classic combinations like Thunderfury, OdinSon, and Shard of Hate.
in regards to Necro with its possibility of high levels of HP regen, the Deaths Bargin leggings ‘should’ be very good, but once again they suck, this time due ot lack of scaling.

I still say Pestilence set needs a bigger damage buff too.

Every single time Blizzard has made a statement about improving their communication, it was very short lived. I have exactly zero faith that the communication concerning Diablo or any Blizzard franchise will ever improve in a meaningful way in the long-term.

Im just glad we still get new stuff, because Blizzard could easily leave D3 in maintain-mode, until D4…