PTR 2.6.10 Is now available for testing!

october 23 is perfect

I second this - idc if I had to start all over again. I got off work on Friday, Oct 9th looking to really sink my teeth into Phase 2 PTR testing only to find that I could no longer load my hero data and couldn’t log in. Response I got was pretty much that I’m SoL as it’s PTR and there are no guarantees. So here it is on the 11th of Oct and I still can’t get in and probably won’t be able to participate in the PTR anymore this round.

Guys, can I donate you a server to be able to test stuff without laggs? Or just disable the whole shadow clone idea? :thinking:


My game wouldn’t log in either with the hero list error, I just deleted the cache file and it solved my issue. It may or may not work for anyone else. Hit Windows Key + R, then type in %ProgramData% , hit enter. Find the folder titled Blizzard Entertainment and delete it, as well as the D3Prefs.txt file from C:\Users<username>\Documents\Diablo III. It will download a new folder and file when you reenter the game.

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Season theme for Kanai’s Cube (4th slot) has been disabled and Shadow Clones are back in. We’re still investigating the lag/login issues. I’ll share more updates as they come in.


Yes - we’re still taking in feedback for all builds/items/bugs and sharing with the dev team. In terms of Season 22 start time, I’m unable to share that at the moment.


But is there going to be more adjustments of items/balancing before the end of this PTR? We’ve given exactly two weeks of patch feedback and haven’t seen the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.


it was obvious last patch that necro needs some additional buffs to masquerade set. Playerbase wanted a bracer with 400% or so to be competitiv.

Weve gotten this now, a season later…

still have freeze some times if you try to increase a charachter 1-70 so 4th slot not the problem

Could be a small lag from people opening dozens and dozens of bags from the goatman, lol. All jokes aside, if you have dozens and dozens of players opening dozens and dozens of packs all at once looking for that Primal that could drop, it will cause server lag. Thats alot of item count.

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Season Buffs Testing Update: Shadow Clones and Kanai’s Cube (4th Slot) are now both active in the PTR. Thanks for your patience!


Item changes?! We need some changes to test before live :slight_smile:


Yes, please.

The theme and Cube slot were wonky, but many of the “buffs” on items were far too insubstantial to go live.


Thanks for the update. Does this mean you will be releasing a new patch with all of the changes for us to test soon™?

I’m sure that the item changes that we are requesting will happen between PTR and Live and not during PTR. As much as we want these changes now, that is not the purpose of this PTR. Bugs and theme tests are the main focus now. Our feedback on the items is important, and those changes will be made by the team. For now, let’s just concentrate on how the theme interacts with the environment in the PTR.

Any changes today as far as tweaks?

If we don’t get any item changes made during the ptr, then I honestly doubt that we’ll see any item changes being made after the ptr ends, at least none on a substantial level.

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They may surprise you. We shall see.

They might, but I’m not counting on it, as substantial changes would require testing, which wouldn’t be possible once the ptr ends.

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There are times when the testing is done on Live. Why do you think the forums exist? They save the feedback for the next PTR cycle. And the cycle never ends. They only respond to critical game-altering behavior and item changes are not deemed critical unless it alters the skill to break the game. If and when that happens, then a response is necessary.