PTR 2.6.10 Is now available for testing!

Are you able to answer the questions I posted? I’m not the only ones asking them.

Not helping, but you can’t go through this PTR then Live with so many crap…you need to extend this PTR to another session if you want to iron out this.

You acknowledge the feedback given , and took no action…and not only that…you did not even try to let us know there WILL be another update to balance the items?.. so, what is the point? just decide another % number to increase without letting us run them through?..

oh boy…

For code 395002, I can get right on PTR with second account no problem but my main account gets that code. Started right after attempting to join a friends game on PTR and now we both get that code. I tried everything in article for the code and even completely uninstalled/reinstalled Bnet and PTR.

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were currently limited from any testing as the whole ptr seems to have 4k latency.

lets hope the poltergeist gets exorcised quick


I experienced this issue as well. I had to ctrl+alt+del and close the game down. I tried changing characters, changing difficulty, switching to campaign mode etc. 10-15 attempts and nothing helped. I then read an advice on a forum that deleting a character could help, so I tried that, and that fixed the issue. Haven’t experienced it again after that. But I’ve also read that this trick doesn’t work for everyone.

10/9 Update | To keep everyone in the loop here’s what we’re working on:

  • Shadow Clones Buff Turned off (temp): We’re in the process of turning off the seasonal buff for Shadow Clones buff to prepare for the Hotfix launch. We’re sharing this to alleviate any alarm for the Shadow Clones not spawning at the moment.

  • Hotfix Implementation: The planned hotfix will be implemented to address server lag, error code issues, and crashes due to Necromancer Skill Bone Spirit.

*Note: Once the Hotfix has been implemented, the Shadow Clones will be activated for use.


You do know that they have internal testing too. After the PTR is done they do a lot of testing with the data they collect. We, the PTR players, are only a part of the testing that takes place.

have to add in your text cm, that when disabling the bonus of the season … it was not only the clones that went to space … but the 4 slot of the cube also …

Can you also fix the issue where the clones don’t follow us after we move to another map?

I’m still getting error "There was an error loading the hero. Please try again. (Code 395002) while other people i play with can log in fine.

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Hotfix is live now - thanks for your patience.


If these wizard patches go live… I’m going to start looking for a new game and scrap Diablo 4 off my list in the future. If this is how bad your “balance update patch” is… (constantly nerfing and not fixing the main problem) then I know what to expect from Diablo 4.

Make builds more fun not tedious to use.
Don’t you have that motto “easy to learn, hard to master” ?
You forgot to add “destroying builds every season for something so ridiculous”.

It seems the team is not capable of:
-open file, increase damage numbers, save file - launch PTR

Instead: we get a bunch of silly changes that makes things worse.


This is a bad idea and why season 21 was such a flop (only saved by GoD DH being insanely powerful). Untested updates are bad. Use the PTR to test the changes BEFORE going live. Otherwise what’s the point?


You need to provide a way to rebuild the hero files on the blizzard PTR server. If they become corrupted, as they have for several people, you can’t log in or do anything else. I’d settle for a delete all data and start over button.

Skill- Final Service - Its no good for the Burning Carnival Build----By the time it procs your Sims are already gone and without the Sims you die very fast. Besides, if its close to beginning of a rift or you died recently before, the timer has not ran out (120 secs). You have no choice but to let them kill you, to reset the cooldown. Maybe have Final Service Proc to reanimate the Sims too.

Shadow Clones- (Mentioned before)- They will not travel to the next zone, so they are no good if the pylon is at the end of a zone next to a gate.

Shadow Clones - This is more of a nuisance than a bug, If your trying to build essence by pounding on some Trash Mobs with an regen skill, they kill all the trash leaving you without essence.

Game freezes and crashes that occur usually during patches and updates can be due to the cache file becoming corrupted. I would suggest deleting the Blizzard Entertainment folder, located in ProgramData to see if it helps.


Hi Filthie just a quick two-folded question:
First, will the devs continue to take onboard the consistent requests for WD/Zombie charger and Wizard Twister etc damage increases and change them prior to release or ignore them and second, any approximate start time for season 22?

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I would also like to know when S21 is ending and when S22 is starting.

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october 23 is perfect

I second this - idc if I had to start all over again. I got off work on Friday, Oct 9th looking to really sink my teeth into Phase 2 PTR testing only to find that I could no longer load my hero data and couldn’t log in. Response I got was pretty much that I’m SoL as it’s PTR and there are no guarantees. So here it is on the 11th of Oct and I still can’t get in and probably won’t be able to participate in the PTR anymore this round.

Guys, can I donate you a server to be able to test stuff without laggs? Or just disable the whole shadow clone idea? :thinking: