PTR 2.6.10 Has Ended!

@ [FilthieRich]

Why you cannot deliver anything on this PTR.
Week 1 testing should have been followed up by Week 2 nerfing sader/buffing weaker sets.

Now you achieved nothing, nothing other than it was a, promised, 2 week PTR.

We are going LIVE in a week with this. Sader & Sader meta for non season.

The good news is we should be getting a PTR update today (Monday).

Nope. Not even close.

There’s usually at least a couple of weeks from PTR ending and the patch tested thereon being pushed to live. Blizzard have also previously stated that going forward they want longer between the end of a PTR and going live. I wouldn’t expect 2.6.10 to hit live before Tuesday, November 10th.


What’s the time in their office?

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Is PTR ended? If then, please finalize some consolidated update report and close PTR and PTR forum. It is already 10:45 in California time.

PTR 2.6.10 is up and tentatively scheduled to be down by 10/20. Once it goes down we’ll share updates on our blog (title), general discussion and close down the PTR section.


PTR is still broken for a lot of users. Also why not test any changes? Seem kind of pointless.


My guess is that there won’t be any major changes done (besides probably some number adjustments here and there).

first i cant login duo to code395002 and now its gonna be shut down. lol

so I guess if it is due to come down tomorrow then if you are still having 395002 errors then you are done with ptr…have to wait until it goes live

What about all the users locked out due to 395002 errors when retrieving heroes?


This makes me panic a little. Blizzard, traditionally, is TERRIBLE on hitting the mark and which fixes are made. Eeeeeep.


If that is the case then why am I and others getting 395002 error when loading the character list.

I have reinstalled, restated, reset my network and still the PTR is unplayable at present.


Joke, half of us or more can’t even play since Saturday and they closing it down tomorrow. Probably for the best this was a terrible PTR


Can you clarify on whether the PTR is concluding on 10/20 or just going down for further updates? It seems like having players test any balance updates before they go live would be a good idea.

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I can. He describes it as permanent: The PTR will be taken offline and the forums closed down.

I’m still getting:


Same, don’t think they care though.


Just wanted to note that we’re aware of the login/lag issues still happening. Apologies for all those unable to play and test at the moment - i’ll keep you posted.