PTR 2.6.10 Has Ended!

The number of times they made substantial changes for the live update in comparison to its ptr counterpart is rare and few. As many others have said, the live patch notes rarely differ from it’s ptr patch notes (besides a few number differences here and there). Also their focus usually changes for each ptrs, so feedback that’s given in a previous ptr is rarely used in the next. Otherwise, Monks would have damage reduction in their sets, Crusaders would have decent or better Phalanx builds, Barbarians would get more love for non-ww and non-frenzy builds, and the list goes on.

This patch for example seemed particularly focused on getting wizards to use energy twister, hydras, and arcane orb, and while a few of the changes have some interesting interactions, most of the changes ask for a wonky interaction and was done at the cost of several existing builds. Frankly speaking, if there are no changes done in this ptr patch, then I highly doubt we’ll see any changes in the next few patches that pertain to the contents of this patch (besides some additional damage boosts here and there), as their focus will likely switch to another class (this may be especially true if the contents of future patches are of the same size as this one), who I hope get better changes than what wizards got in this patch.


i dont think ill be read but ill try it again (yes, AGAIN)

buff roland and hammerdin more

buff scrimshaw more

buff gungdo gear more.


And at least all the other builds that had just 100% or less added where they are 20 tiers behind everything else…
The PTR was once again used to just test the seasontheme and random numbers were spilled onto old sets.
And as we could see in the past, new or reworked sets didnt really work in the first season and got a buff or nerf later. Why not make em enjoyable right on? Theres alot of streamers out there that can give really good guesses on how much is missing for each set. JUST ASK and implement it. What can go wrong? Solo players clearing 150s? Thats already happening…

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Don’t worry guys i’ll tell you the changes before the season go out.

Nerf to Invoker Crusader.

Crusaders crying and complaining about that.

Necro pass throught the dark with the new buffs.

Bli$$ard keep making money because necro will be the beast Next season.

End of Story

Hey Filthie, thanks for the updates, I know with the PTR delay now Season 22 (Halloween+Diablo) is not an option. Any ET on the PTR? I want to know if we still have the weekend for testing or it was extended just 48 hours. Thanks!

This PTR has now gone over 2 weeks without any kind of feedback and/or changes being implemented, acknowledged, or fine-tuned.

Did anyone check to see if the Cone of Silence was on?


10/16 UPDATE
PTR Timeline Update: The PTR will be extended through the weekend of 10/17 -10/18. Stay tuned for further updates on 10/19.

A quick update from the team: Isolating the seasonal buff has helped to learn more about the lag and login issues. As we extend the PTR we’re going to continue to gather your feedback on all the content (items/sets/buffs/nefs/etc). I don’t have any specifics right now, but as soon as I something ill chime in here.


Thanks, Rich! I think I can speak for the community as a whole when I say WAY too much effort is going into the seasonal theme and FAR TOO LITTLE is going into balancing builds. Are you guys acting on our feedback?

/taps mic, is this thing on?

Seasonal theme may attract some players for a week. A player enjoying a new build they’ve never been able to play before? That might last a month. Two new builds? Maybe the entire season.

Also, I hope you consider putting a reasonable “shadow clones” affix on Haunt of Vavo, so all this effort on the seasonal theme isnt moot in 3 months.


Quick little Snap Reaction:

While the team has been focusing on Seasonal Theme fixes, we’ve also been diving into all the feedback from this thread and many others. It’s true that in the past we’ve made the updates to the blog post to show the changes, and have asked players to pivot their focus testing - I want to share my apologies that we weren’t able to deliver the same type of flow this time around.

Thinking ahead, I’m working to see how I can share some insight on some of the changes (based on feedback/learning) and hope yall can bear with the wait time.


Any idea if Uliana will be touched by devs? This set really need some tweaking.


This is encouraging. There are many passionate Diablo 3 class…enthusiasts…that have offered really solid and implementable feedback to make Diablo 3 the game that can last another 10 years. What we need is some of it to be implemented.

We are united in our passion for Diablo, and we want to help make this game…LEGENDARY.


If you wanna share insights about some changes, then I would simply do this by updating the Patch Notes Blogpost like it was done in the past.

We are very used to Nev’s styles of writing patch notes, in which also some clarification were written for why certain changes were made.

Maybe you wanna adopt some of that style.

I’ll link you a few of her old patch notes below, if you are interested.

So I would just update the blogpost with whatever you (or the devs) wanna say and have forwarded to us. Then, when the blog is ready, make a post here and tell us that the blog has been updated.


That would be great! I think feedback during a PTR has two sides.

We test things and, ideally, state our view on given updates, changes and improvements (hopefully) - what’s good, what’s bad and where we see room for improvement. At that point we can only hope it will be noticed.

Some Feedback from the team would also be appreciated. Of course not on every little detail, but changes with really huge (i.e. negative) consequences to existing builds deserve a word or two from the team as to why they decided on what they did.

As Venaliter mentioned, we all like this game, some are playing it for years now and we really want to help in making it even better.


If you could highlight some of the big changes the team has made to the gameplay balance from the start of PTR to now before you head off for the weekend it would be appreciated. Nothing exact or written in stone, just the gist of it. Thank you.

One thing to consider, most meta have a zbarb that bring everything together, that most likely have area damage, to do something like, greater rift 150. SO I would probably not have a clone that spawns that shoots fist of heavens in a pack of 80 mobs. Spend your research elsewhere, like you seem to be fond of doing.

I’d love to at least hear that something is being done to keep a few Wizard builds viable, even if details are to follow.

Could you clarify whether reasonable itemization/balance changes have been made in the background we aren’t aware of? I think it would be a collective sigh of relief.

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@ [FilthieRich]

Why you cannot deliver anything on this PTR.
Week 1 testing should have been followed up by Week 2 nerfing sader/buffing weaker sets.

Now you achieved nothing, nothing other than it was a, promised, 2 week PTR.

We are going LIVE in a week with this. Sader & Sader meta for non season.

The good news is we should be getting a PTR update today (Monday).

Nope. Not even close.

There’s usually at least a couple of weeks from PTR ending and the patch tested thereon being pushed to live. Blizzard have also previously stated that going forward they want longer between the end of a PTR and going live. I wouldn’t expect 2.6.10 to hit live before Tuesday, November 10th.