PSA: March Kanai Event

It has begun. They forgot to inform the new players.
For those who are not aware, you can go to the Throne Room in the Elder Sanctum and bust up some cows with the Immortal King.
Reward is Kanai’s Skorn for first-timers.


More info:


I’m not sure that the event is working correctly though.

I just took a run through Ruins of Sescheron, went into Elder Sanctum, got to the Immortal Throne room, Kanai spawned, opened a portal to Kanai’s Stomping Grounds, I killed all the cows, portal back to Elder Sanctum spawned, went back to Elder Sanctum, ghostly Kanai was on the throne, but the chest that should contain the transmog weapon wasn’t there.

[ EDIT ]
I’ve already unlocked the transmog but in previous years the chest would still spawn and you could obtain extra copies of the transmog weapon. I like to maintain a couple of these transmog weapons as they’re not account bound so that I can trade them to people who missed the March event. Seems like I’ll need to wait for Season 20 to start and I’ll see if a seasonal hero can get the chest to spawn.

The chest will only be spammed in the last week of March. (You don’t need to go into the portal.)

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Ah, yes.
I used to make a yearly post about this event on the old EU forums but as they’re not accessible now I couldn’t review my old threads to remind me of that bit. I was taking some screenshots for a new and improved version this year. Guess I’ll have to wait.

i dont even know this event lol

Any good exp or something for a seasonstart :3?

Well, Kanai’s Stomping Grounds is based on a Festering Woods / Not The Cow Level tileset and is full of cow mobs. So it might be easy to get good killstreak going for the XP bonuses. The Immortal Throne area is usually pretty close to where you get Kanai’s Cube, which you need to get as part of the Season Journey anyway, so why not go to the stomping grounds after grabbing the Cube.

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It’s not so much a formal event as it is an easter egg to remember our good friend, Kevin Kanai Griffith, for whom Kanai’s Cube is named.

The blog Blackarrows references goes into more detail about this hidden treasure, except when the cosmetic chest opens up (the last week of March - it commemorates Kevin’s real-life birthday). It was meant to be a hidden bonus rather than something we advertise or outline.

It is always a bit of a bittersweet memory, but we hope you take some time to adventure alongside Kanai and remember the incredible work he did bringing Diablo III and Reaper of Souls to life.

Miss you, KKG.


One thing that is nice is that you can keep coming back to this event over and over if you restart game in March. Great for leveling low level characters.

Very cool, I don’t recall ever doing this, but we’ll see I guess.

Be a fun way to start the season.

Unfortunately, Elder Sanctum is too far (a couple maps) from the Waypoint for repeated runs…

But once taking a Cube, at least every Barb MUST pay respect to the great barbarian Elder Kanai (to Kevin Kanai Griffith as well) and take a mini-cow level run alongside with Him

“Have you heard of the great barbarian elder Kanai? Silly me, of course you have, he was your people’s best hope for the future; and the final one, as it turns out” [Abd al-Hazir]

RIP KKG, Thx a lot for your great effort for D3/RoS!!

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Bluddshed now has a video showing how to make use of Kanai’s Stomping Ground for levelling 1-70, as Kanai will tank the mobs for you…


It’s the last week of March, so the transmog is available now…