PS4/XBOX twister bug

Please fix the twister on console. You can make twister, while you chanel desingration or arkane torrent at the same time with no downtime, so the twister firebird is complitely overpowered. There is also more damage from the twisters, when it is lagging. This link is an example for the bad 4man meta.


Wrong forum category. You should report console bugs in the console bug report category.

You can change the category but there are already reports e.g.

Its been bugged for years and they haven’t and won’t do anything. It won’t make them any money.

So, the console mechanic of being able to cast twisters while channeling has always existed since the launch of the game on consoles. Take that however you may.

The increase in damage from twisters during frame rate drop (not lag) is not an increase to twister damage, instead it is an increase to damage done because you are able to cast the twister at your attack speed in real time while the in game time has slowed down because of frame rate drop. Essentially, you can get more twisters out in a given amount of in game time.

Twisters last for 6 in game seconds. With an attack speed of 1.5 APS you can cast 9 twisters in those 6 seconds if the frame rate is at 30 frames per second (highest on console). If the frames drop to 10 frames per second, then the 6 seconds in game takes an actual 18 seconds. Being able to continue casting twisters at 1.5 APS in real time means you wind up getting 27 twisters out at the same time, effectively tripling your damage output per a given amount of in game time. At the same time, the twisters continue to do damage every half second real time. This also triples the amount of damage done per given ingame time. The damage numbers displayed, during frame drop, are not always individual damage numbers. Instead, the game merges multiple attacks into a single damage number. If the game is coded to display damage numbers every half second of ingame time (15 frames) then all damage calculated during those 15 frames wil be displayed as a single damage number. So, whats actually happening with a frame rate drop to 10 frames per second is you are getting 3 times more twisters, while also getting 3 times the number of attacks resulting in 9 times total damage output.

If the frames will go down to 5 frames per second, then you get 6 times the twisters doing 6 times the attacks for 36 times the damage.

This is a MAJOR issue. The issue is unavoidable, as in frame rate drop is going to occur whether you want it to or not. That being said, if it is unavoidable, a player who is aware of it will seek to increase the frequency at which frame rate drop occurs. If it is going to happen anyway, the player might as well use it. Unfortunate, but essentially required because it will happen anyway.

I agree that the frame rate drop situation needs to be addressed. Of course, thats not the only thing that needs addressed.


What’s really sad is that there are people still who consider it a game mechanic and not bugged. Those people are a special kind of pepega.

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It is a game mechanic… more than likely not intended, but a game mechanic nonetheless. When it cannot be avoided, it becomes inevitable. I rank it up there with the stutter step on a heavens fury crusader. Definitely not supposed to happen, but it does.

Therefore an exploit of an incorrectly implemented game mechanic.

I too have had similar discussions with players who take 45 minutes real time to complete a 15 minute GR150 back in the day.

Could they have done it without the lag? No…is it intended? No…therefore a broken mechanic being abused.

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Sounds like an exploit, the way this framerate issue is described. I can understand some may use it if leaderboard focused while “it’s there”. Bit of a shame. Playing with a dropped frame rate would be the opposite of fun to me, just like if success in the game were to become reliant on restoring save data to scum mats for reforge. Just pointless and boring.

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Unfortunately, the frame rate drop is going to happen in pushes anyway. We all know the most efficient means of killing enemies is in large density. In 4 man your looking for double woods and having barb pull several screens worth of enemies together. This is group play style in high grs. It doesn’t matter what dps character you have, there will be frame rate drop. There are several dps skills that see a significant increase to damage from frame rate drop, not just twisters. Twisters just benifit more because of the improper coding for attack speed related to there being no animation for the cast. Strafe GoD set benifits as the rate of fire holds roughly at 6.67 shots per second real time. Hammerdin crusader, same thing.

Needless to say, a 4 man group clear is looking for high density floors to increase kill efficiency. The frame rate drop is going to occur even if you aren’t trying to intentionally do it. Understanding what causes the frame rate drop doesn’t mean the players are exploiting it. To avoid the frame rate drop completely, group play would have to stop grouping multiple screens of enemies, have all non dps characters stop hitting enemies, and make sure all 4 players are on the same active tile. You could choose to fight smaller groups of enemies, but you still have the other two problems. The last two issues are not negotiable. Supports must keep hitting to stay alive and buff/debuff. If you choose to fight smaller groups, the barb will have to constantly be ahead of the player group pregrouping. This will cause more active tiles to be loaded leading to, you guessed it, frame rate drop.

I guess the only real way to actively avoid frame rate drop is to not play in group. Not an option if you have a team of players going for group leaderboards.

Wait, frame rate drop still occurs in solo with large density. So nevermind. Wait, I have the solution: don’t play group or solo. Cant benifit from natural play style frame rate drop if you don’t play the game at all… (sarcasm).

There are things that players do to increase the frequency of frame rate drop and how much frame drop happens. If the supports are running area damage and pain enhancer, they are attempting to create as much frame rate drop as possible. Some groups intentionally pick the player with the worst internet connection to be host to maximize the effect. Some run lag switches. Doing those things, I would consider exploiting. Benifiting from naturally occuring frame rate drop, not so much.


Burst DPS is the solution. That won’t fix Twisters tho. This is why LoD Twisters meta was the best version of Twisters. You had to pop at specific intervals (unless you’re skipping rotation like a total fool), so packs weren’t huge, no one had time to build them. Bringing back Starpact but making it playable on console, not the cheating PC trash version using macros, would be the solution. But, that would require major re-work and re-think of the Wizard class.

I agree with the distinction on exploiting being around normal play v exaggerating frame rate reduction purely to exploit.

Either way lag or loss of frame rate isn’t fun game play imo. It’s disappointing this must be endured if wanting to push the games limits.

Twisters are broken even without the lag. The lag just makes it even more op and it is mainly from older models of ps/xbox, although sometimes internet lag can also make a huge impact. Both hardware and internet can impact overall DPS as stupid as it is.

I can see there are some different views put out around that. I dont really have a stake in it myself. Some of the views I’ve read made sense and I put my support behind those. Reckon I’ll leave it to the devs to consider from there. There’s a lot of things they could make better for console - a thread dedicated to it.

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