Proposed Idea: Season of the Rainbow

I still don’t have my Cosmic Wings.

I would play a season where all single spawn Treasure Goblins would be Rainbow Goblins. Obviously not inside Visions, Vaults, Rifts, etc. Maybe it would be easier to say only in the campaign zones. Hey! why not make this only in campaign mode since no one really serious cares about campaign mode.

I’m not asking for an improved drop rate for the wings like was done for the Gibbering Gemstone. It would feel cheaper if the drop rate was changed.

It seems like an easy thing to do and something that would personally make my D3 journey complete.


The game is officially retired, there will be no new season themes, it will just roll trough the old ones going forward.


Most likely will never happen with the theme since we are in maintenance mode now, but hopefully rngesus smiles on you and it drops for you.

It stinks when you been grinding for something for nearly a decade and have yet to get it. I just hope before I die, I get a decently rolled Primal Yangs. My favorite character to run over the years is UE DH. I have found 1000s of Yangs over the years and have gotten 1 Primal that rolled the most incredibly bad it could.

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That’s what cube recipe 11 is made for :grin:

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I reforged The Spider Queen’s Grasp five times using recipe 11. It still hasn’t rolled with the correct stats. I did it the stupid way and reforged the primal again and again. Smart people salvage the primal for half the Ashes back and reforge a Kadala dropped rare Ceremonial Knife into a new primal.


Ya, I’ve done the faux one, but I want a natural one. I have even re-forged with recipe 2 hundreds over the years and nope.

Fun story:

Friend of mine who played very casually was on, so I dropped into his game. Asked what he was up to and he said: “I been sitting rerolling a Yang’s to get a primal and it took forever, 6 rolls. Last season it only took 2.”

After hanging out with him a bit, I rage quit for the season.

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Man, that’s rough. Back when I played UE exclusively, I’d get good Primal Yang’s every Season, sometimes two or 3. Had like 8 of them on my nonseason account each rolled with different stats depending on what I was going for, Attack Speed, Area Damage, Cooldown, Resource Reduction, and couple with Main Stat rolled off for an extra of one of those stats. When faux primals came along, I salvaged most of them to so that I have about 1910 ashes in non-season and some faux primals for other builds.

The only one to ever drop for me was a legacy one which tells you how long ago that was since it was buffed like 10-15 seasons ago. It had no disc, % damage, attack speed, cdr, rcr, or area damage. I remember it had lph, main stat, vit and some other garbage stat.

One season, I did one or two sets of bounties at the beginning of the season, and crafted a perfect Primal Yang within 2 crafts and 3 crafts later had a not so good primal DML. I think the DML’s saving grace was I could roll crit chance on it and it came with Resource Regen when I was going for an Attack Speed set up.

Got a perfect one as the grift 70 primal a few seasons back, while playing UE. Wasted all my luck for the season right there.

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Wait, the GR70 free Primal can be something other than Blackthorne’s or a legendary with no power?