Proposal to change the seasonal theme

I agree with the petition, after season 18 it does not seem interesting. Need something else.

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How is a straight power buff, like allowing for more kanai cube powers, more interesting? If anything, it makes the game more boring because you are able to stack more powers, and there are fewer tradeoffs to consider.

I find that allowing the player to mix and match powers more reasonable. Sure, it’s dull, but it likely shouldn’t skew the balance of the game too much. Some builds will probably find a way to stack multiple weapon properties and crank up the damage-dealing capabilities of their character, but at least there is a tradeoff in that they are giving up their ring and armour benefits.


Hi there!
I think it will be good for players and easy to Blizzard designers to rise up effects of Kanai cube legendary items by 50%-100%. That will be great the new seasonal theme addon+ without 3 weapon slots together with 3 armor slots and 3 jewelry slots as compensation for game technical restrictions.

Cause the game will become more variable, which means we will be able to assemble really interesting and unique gears. And this will allow the “forgotten classes” to rise again and sow in the rays of glory.
The nephalems will finally become NEPHALEMES

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Hm…really wondering how i could miss this topic, maybe because i went to bed too early…xD


I really wonder how the topic creator could get around 300 likes for it…

9 cube powers?
I could be ok with 6, but 9?

Blizzard said, that they want to bring unusual ideas to life with these themes and not each has to be stronger than the previous one.

We started with Bloodshards, Bounty Bags, a single RORG buff, which could be the same as +1 cube slot and with S19 we got gamebreaking power where the hardest possible difficulty gets deleted in 3min runs, even without 5k botting paragon.

And now, that they step back a bit of that “way too much-test” to a more normal one, the community screams loud?
I really wonder, why the suggestions didn’t start with 6 powers first. which could simply mean: Here! Get double the kanai’s slots.
9 or 3 everything would simply soundtrack the greed that has grown with the S19 gmaebreaking power.

For me 3 with free choice would be funny as it is, but 6 could be cool aswell, cause it would at least offer a bit more than the RORG-season-buff.

9 seems a bit too much, i mean…come on

Start with 6 and see how the reaction is, 9 seems just like Diablo-3-Greed.



Propably organized a lot of people outside these forums to abuse the like system.

Also note how many first time posters have posted in this thread.


The OP proposed the same - 2 pis for each slot - totaly 6, if community and Dev will think it’s to stong.

You are right. But the reason is that when you changing the forum region the statistics are not transferred (like mine - I’m TL3 level in Europe -
And in the regional forums, developers are not seen. Alas!


I will be playing the new WD set and I do believe that I have things figured out where I will get an insane amount of a damage boost from the season. I don’t know if it will be as much as last season but I don’t care about that. I do believe that the set will, barring too many nerfs will be strong enough with the seasonal theme to carry me through to even higher GRs than I have done in the past with WDs.

There are some builds in the game that cannot work in a CoE that will be able to. Some builds normally can’t use Captain Crimson but now will be able to use them. and still use CoE.


Agree…Nothing to add…

Yeah 9 cube kanai so Rat run could do 150s day 3-4 use your brain maybe before blam blizzard for something good.

The season buff is not bad at all you just don’t like him compare to S19 but S19 was way too much powerfull that the problem.


So the question remains. Will Blizzard listen to the community and do something with season theme?


+1, I agree
хотя на 146% ничего не изменится

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This topic is made and supported by Russian players. I am a Russian streamer, I made a video calling on the players to support the appeal on changing the theme of the season. Developers do not read our forum, so we turned to them here. I ask American players who are not happy with the theme of the season to support our appeal.

Sorry, I am writing through a translator.


With DH falling behind again it would be fair to have a seasonal theme that benefit one or more of their builds. I can’t think of any build that is going to change with the upcoming theme but I might be wrong, I haven’t looked that much into it.

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It might not allow much wiggle room for push builds, where the three powers in the cube might be pretty rigid, but it will certainly give flexibility for speed-farming builds, where you could drop mitigation items for multiple damaging items of the same type, e.g. multiple weapons.

I would like to see these changes to the Season Theme as well.

Season 19 had a very unique and fun theme, it just wouldn’t feel right to jump into a Season with a boring theme…


Personally I like the concept of S20 as it allows for more diverse use of the cube without getting too powercreepy. S19 bonus was so much power creep that to me it was awful. I skipped S19 because of it. The kill bonuses were neat at specific milestones, but again most of it was just power creep in the shape of bonus damage.

I’m hoping they keep the season 20 one as is. Kinda eager to take a shot at Phalanx Shotgun again, see what I can do with that.

You need that kind of season theme: The kind that doesn’t just boost damage, that’s dull. You need things that can do more interesting things.


It’s not 9 powers. It’s still 3 powers, but each slot can take from any category.

3 weapons OR 3 armor OR 3 jewellery, if you only want to cube up the same category.

2 weapons AND 1 armor. 1 weapon and 2 armor. 2 weapons and 1 jewellery.

I’m sure you can see the pattern. There. It’s any combination of 3 cubable items, and the items can only be there the once. So only 1 Nemesis Bracers. 1 Ambo’s Pride. Etc.

They have stated this already, several times.


If you look at all forum characters main topic about list of ideas. Lots complain come from the facts;

-1 all dmg dealt go through set built, that limits the amounts of swap you can do to actually perform at any level .

2- there are only so many items you can remove to stay alive, you basically change a 20% for a other 20% as dmg, but to survive you cannot bypass some items.

3- adding more instead of swapping was the idea that was written mostly; “ if only we could have a extra slot” .

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I agree with the OP that the season 20 theme is useless for many classes. For example with my favorite character which is DH Impale, all 3 current slots are mandatory (dawn for cdr, aquila cuirass for damage reduction, and elusive ring (or royal grandeur if you are using aughild set). Having 2 or 3 kanai cubes in the game (6 or 9 powers) as proposed might be too much, but if we could have at least one 4th power added, then it would make a significant difference without inbalancing the game