Promise of Glory on Follower

Does the Promise of Glory mechanic work if it’s equipped on a Follower?

there was a console bug report back in March, that it DID NOT work with followers…

Unsure if there was any published change since this was published, but it’s not listed as one of the emanate items here:

I know it doesn’t currently emanate. I was wondering if you equip Blind Faith, The Sultan of Blinding Sand, and Promise of Glory on the Enchantress, she’ll generate Nephalem Glory globes on her own.

Doesn’t work. Everyone would’ve been running that setup. Sherma belt is even better than the Sultan, still doesn’t work.


Even if it did work, it wouldn’t work well. The proc rates are very very low because the follower only attacks a single target at 1-1.5 attacks per second. Their AoE skills have large cooldowns, so they dont use them often enough.

Needless to say 40% chance to blind on hit from blind faith with a 6% chane to spawn a nephalem glory globe comes out to 2.4% chance on each hit, if it blinds. Not likely to be worth it.

Based on testing, the 6% chance isn’t true. Its more like 0.6%.

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