Progress orbs from stain of sin and altar

i did read some topics about this but cant find any info about. how many orbs you can now get in total. i.e. with shard and altar.

This is just doubling the effects of Altar’s Reaper node to a small degree when solo, adding one more progress orb when you manage to kill the entire pack. With Stain of Sin equipped, only the Stain of Sin equipped group member will take the extra orb and benefit will not split per-player basis like Altar as far as I know. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I believe not many uses this Shard besides the high tier support players. It has no general use for solo builds.

the question is: is it 4( yellow elite) +3 orbs in 4 man group if both supps have stain of sin or is it 4 + 2.
or in other words, does the extra orb work with both sups or just one?

If both Supports have Stain of Sin, it should net you two additional orbs per kill I believe. I don’t wanna talk so sure though. If someone else gets the kill in group, you still benefit from the extra orb bonus as Stain of Sin bearer, so it shouldn’t be detrimental to each other at all. I mean just because one Stain of Sin gets the extra progress orb, it shouldn’t shut down the other. That doesn’t make sense.

Yes. When a zdh is in Group and a znec also, its kind of impossible for Him to get the kill right? Also if znec is replaced with barb and executioner.
So in the end its only one extra orb from sin shard and one extra orb from Altar Node?! So its 2 extra orbs in total max?!

I hope I’m not reading into this wrong but extra progress orb reward from Altar may not be specific for the slayer of the Elite pack. I don’t remember the video mentioning this, it was a stream from wudijo or Raxx I think but here’s the icy-veins article and quote from it:

“Elite packs drop one additional progress orb.” — The progress spawn on a per-player basis, and drop next to the character once the elite is slain (and not from the pack itself, like the default progression orbs).

Guide revised back at January this year but perhaps not everything was checked or things have changed since S28. Late edit: Appears the progress that spawned is just enough to amount one extra progress orb per kill when entire Elite pack has been slain. Two screen length range.

For the Stain of Sin, it’s expected to gain another extra progress orb per Elite kill for each Stain of Sin you have in the group. Because I checked maxroll about Soulshard mechanics and to quote there:

  • An extra Progress Orb spawns under your feet.
  • You also get the Orb when your party members kill a pack.
  • Rare Elite packs only give an extra Progress Orb when you fully kill them, including all minions.

It doesn’t speak of any kind of stacking but doesn’t mention any exceptions either. So if you can have both ZDps to equip Stain of Sin, just go for that. But I believe having at least one of them equip Remnant of Pain with attack speed buff would favor you better.

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altar gives 1 (grouped or solo)
stain of sin drops 1 for each player using it.
you have to kill Yellow elites and minions to get the extra globes.
in a party of 4 you can have 7 drop from yellows in total with 2 supports


From the altar 1 additional orb (questionable the maker of last hit or party leader) and by 1 orb for every party member with corresponding shard. So 3(or 4) base orb +1 from the altar + 2 from 2 supports. As mentioned above altar bonus orb from yellow require the killing of all the minions.

Altar rewards +1 progression orb on kill per PARTY.

Stain of sin rewards +1 progression orb per STAIN OF SIN.

So a standard 2x support,4 player party, it’s +3 progression orb per entire pack of elite kills. Thats why earlier season when rathma rgk was involved in low paragon 150 push, it was 3 stain of sin setup making a +4 orb on each elite pack kill.

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