Problem with links in posts


oh no, grim dawn just went to this same type of forums layout. I have to say that, from what I’ve seen, it’s quite a bit better for cell phone use but quite a bit worse for PC.

So, um, Brandy…about that trust bump level thing… :slight_smile:



Definitely need this for the sticky authors in all class forums (like RedCell in DH)!



Nev, what’s the best way to get our build guides stickied?



Going to take me a bit to make sure I go through each forum and find the people I need to flag. It’s unfortunately a manual process, and I also can’t do it until the person posts over here for the first time. Giving me a heads up definitely helps!

Can always poke me about it! My public email for any community needs is - anyone is welcome to email me here, but it sometimes might take me a while to get around to the backlog (and I may not be able to respond to everything, but I do read it all). I appreciate your patience while I try to get to as much as I can!

Crusader Compendium: Guides, Builds, & Info


Let me know if you need help bringing/converting any of the build guides over. Especially if its any of the guides you didn’t directly create. Will be looking to convert them to DFans still once they are all sorted out here bud.


Free - you should have TL3 now. If you’re not seeing new permissions, try logging out of your account and back in. Not sure if you’ve played around with it yet.

Happy guide-posting!


Nev, I do have permissions to post links and gifs and make Wikis, but I don’t see any access to pinning threads. Is that a power I should have at TL3 or should I contact you direct for getting threads pinned? Thanks for the assist!


I tried to update the zDPS guide and can’t save links so I’m kind of stuck at the moment.

Nev - any chance of getting a trust level boost to help Free out here?

EDIT: I used the two tick method and was able to add the links but they are not clickable.


Pinning threads requires being a moderator, unfortunately. Feel free (teehee) to reach out to me anytime you need assistance. :slight_smile:


Thanks for getting so many guides back posted and pinned so quickly!


Oh, new forums look really nice from phone user perspective! Hi all :slight_smile:


Hey S4. Rage will be writing some new MOTE guides in August, and I’ve asked Basshead to port and edit your IK HOTA guide unless you want to do it. I only ask that guide authors stick around to update and answer questions on a relatively frequent basis. Thoughts?


You like the new look? Im not fond of them myself


By all means, if someone wants to take over any of my guides, they are more than welcomed to do so. Everything I ever posted, calculated or explained belongs to community:)

As I said before, I am not playing Diablo past year or so, and therefore I am not really posting much as I always believed talking about builds/theorycrafying and stuff is better done with “hands on” experience in game.

Have fun fellas, I will pop in here and there just to see how you guys are doing, but as is I do not see myself being involved the way I use to be (going back to times where I was spending 2+ hours daily helping people in P400 and below + all other random threads), I currently spin to win but elsewhere (FOTM build, and it is awesome!)

Good luck!


Yes apparently only at TL2, one can add links. Quite a bummer for those of us who were very active in old forums.


As an active poster in the old forums, I agree … Its painfully inefficient to try to help or reply with generic responses and examples rather than specifics and links to those specifics.


As Rage kindly pointed out, you can make a cold link by enclosing it in [“code”] ["/code"] Remove the " "


Another way is to use the </> button at the top of the message input window… like this:

  • copy-paste the link in your message
  • highlight the link and click the </> button
  • a grave accent will be added to the front and end of the link, and the link will be displayed as

If you want to go to that page, you can simply highlight the link with your mouse, right-click it, and select “Open/Go to the_link” (my Windows is in French, and it uses “Accéder” which is roughly “Access”… if someone can tell me what the word is in the contextual menu, I’ll edit my post here).


Many thanks @Ghostdragon and @Boubou :smiley:


oooh, a new forum layout

It does seem more mobile friendly which is nice