Primary paragon point issue

My primary stat paragon point boost does not seem to be working correctly. I was speed farming GR105 rifts on Tuesday, yesterday I was no longer 1 hit killing mobs on T16. I tried an experiment with paragon points and reset them multiple times across multiple toon both seasonal and non seasonal and problem was constant.

I started a new necro and added 1 point in vitality and health jumped from 130 to 180 I added 8 points to primary stat and my damage jump from 3 to 4. Not sure what is going on but the math doesn’t seem right.

Level 1 toons start with 10 points in the main stat. However that only translates to a 10% increase in damage. Without a weapon that is 2.82 dps. (2.56 * 1.10 = 2.82) Adding 8 to your primary paragon adds 40 to the main stat. That becomes a 50% increase in damage so 2.56 * 1.50 = 3.84 dps without a weapon. Seems you’re seeing about the same thing.

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Instant hunches are…

  1. You broke your six-piece set bonus by replacing one of the pieces.
  2. You enchanted your weapon and rerolled the elemental damage range into something else so your weapon’s damage went from 2.7K to 400ish.