Primal Stormshield for Zmonk

Just found a primal SS and though I realize it’s not endgame, would like to use it for a while. It rolled dex/vit/life/armor/fire resist…so missing both CDR and globes. Which one should I prioritize? (I assume that if I roll off a primary it will be the armor.) Thanks!

You should roll a secondary to health globes. You’ll have to use Gogok of Swiftness to make up the CDR. I recommend Born’s Sword and Shoulder as well.
An ancient one with CDR and Globe would be better. Even a non ancient would be fine.

Seems like meteor blade is trying to get his post count higher.

Cool yeah, I am running Capt Crimson and Born as well.

Interesting. I can see how CDR is better than globes. As long as you have globes on most of them. You want 100% uptime on Epiphany. It wasn’t super easy to get one with globe and CDR.

It’s a primal, so it should have 1000 dext and 7xx armor (like 775). So removing the dext is straight up worse than removing armor. You lose 250 armor, since 1 dext = 1 armor.

As far as the shield go, honestly just find one with globe and cdr, both are essential. It’s not like it’s difficult to find one, you have a 1 in 3 or 4 chance to find one by upgrading rare shields (not crusader shields, careful) with a monk or a barb.