Pride's Fall buff staying up after proccing

Not really a bug report. Noticed a funny thing. Running a Tal Rasha speed build with Pride’s Fall helmet I got hit with molten and procced the cheat death from enchantress. So I must have taken damage :-). The Pride’s Fall buff icon didn’t fall off though (you need five seconds without taking damage to have it up)… Not sure about the Squirt’s necklace buff, maybe it stayed up too. Probably a known thing. Just couldn’t find much about it. Maybe some interaction with the Galvanizing Ward shield that I also had as passive.

Yup, that is commonly known. Squirt’s stays up if you proc from a single hit. This was a rank 1 trick used by some Raekor players in Asia last season. Squirt’s is generally not that great on a build like raekor that wants to stay low HP…but if you can drop to zero HP and keep full squirts stacks, that allowed them to one shot the boss in GR 150.

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