Predictions for Season 30 Patch?

Hitting the cap within single digit hours. Yeah, I really don’t see the upside.

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Not in this season I would say. From a solo perspective at least.

Really? It’s not ruined and won’t be ruined. This game is going to maintenance i.e. final version with no any updates. Blizz really wanted that it will be ruined. They need moar ppl to their new platforms. Such as Immoral and Bore

I’m wait the video where you are doing it only with blue. What? I didn’t hear. Tal Rasha? No way, only the blue items. Impossible? But how? Just 150 is very easy.

Aggree. But 3 months from season start it will be Christmas. So that junk season can be longer :frowning:

The game being in maintenance mode is irrelevant. Adding all themes as base features is a sure way to destroy the little remaining balance the game has left. For example the Ethereals render every single 2 piece weapon sets obsolete. There’d be no reason to equip anything else than Ethereals. Everything else is just instasalvage.

There should be a “clean” base without any ridiculous balance upsetting features. Themes should remain temporary and rotate to keep things somewhat fresh. The Altar becoming permanent (albeit with some changes) already upsets the fragile balance enough.


Because then it goes from having a bot run up your paragons to unrealistic levels and then walking through 150s, to actually relying more on skill and drops.

A botter will still have a significant edge in that scenario, as we clearly saw this season. Yeah, there’s no upside.


My prediction is that forums will be in shock and complain about it like always. I expect a few nerfs to a top performing build for example, but when they do that everyone will cry about “nerfing the fun”. When they go for buffing all top builds even more, everyone will be equally surprised and complain about changes too.

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Well, a large part of that is that Blizzard can’t do either to make the end result actually balanced. It’s either way to much in either direction or insignificant changes that doesn’t change anything.


Over 6000 posts and you’ve not figured out that most of them are fake, to get others going?

People cleared 150s with random pieces of junk, sometimes completely missing gear with some of the older themes.
They wouldnt literally do it naked but you would definitely be able to do it with some scuffed setups.

If they did that they were either skipping non-essential pieces of gear or using an overpowered build.

I wouldn’t mind Blizzard nerfing stuff down if the demon gems and angelic powers were added to the base game.

SSF can be capped and non SSF open cap. Non SSF is primarily for group players and 2500 cap is far too low with altar even if only utilities are left. Die hard solo players should go SSF since para cap primarily is to even out group vs solo. Solo LB can be removed from non SSF and exclusive to SSF mode. Non SSF are group LB only. Solo GR on non SSF primarily are for raising blood shard cap.

But end of day D3 Seasons would be 3-4 weeks of contents to not affect D4 numbers, they ll do what they have to to push players to D4.

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I think we will get the altar back with all of the damage & defense nodes removed, and of course the potion effects. And the CC immunity and resource on crit as well. Permanent pools possibly too, although that is a nice way to get pools to be a thing for everyone and not just higher paragon players. This reduces the amount of nodes by a lot but the other viable option is to keep those but with big nerfs.

Then some balance changes, although I do not expect it to be a massive amount like we would like to bring everything in line. I don’t even expect classes to be made mostly equal, never mind all sets. Would be great if each class’ strongest past build gets buffed back to it’s top (or close to it) at least so all of them have a top build able to kind of compete.

Visions will stay, because it is the way to get solo players somewhat on par with groups for bounties. But the drop rates changed except for bounty materials of course. And not drop any keys so regular rifts have a purpose. Spawn rates I am not sure, would need to be done in a way that they are on average as good as group bounties.

I don’t think the paragon cap will stay. If it does it will be something high enough that only the players who put in a big amount of time will reach it, not really high like 5 000 but something like 3 000.

Then for going forward what would be great is if the altar is adapted based on the power of the current theme with weaker ones coming with damage & defense nodes and the full altar together with potions being a standalone theme. Would also like if it would be harder to get some of the nodes in other seasons.

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It seems a few want the altar back but gutted. At that point, you may as well just add some of the things as permanent QoL improvements.

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It’s highly unlikely (unlikable?) that we won’t keep some of the powerful elements in some form or another. Like the random shrine effects and such.
Not least because the balancing will probably mean a nerf to the present strongest builds.

Sure, the difference would basically just be that it is an activity that gives a little bit of loot hunt and some interaction instead of just having it right from the start. Which is already an improvement, if the altar powers were just there in season 28 it would’ve been less fun than having to unlock them.

I would give a nerfed altar for two reasons:

  1. If we got even a somewhat nerfed one multiple seasons would be as easy as season 28 was. Ethereals and Soul Shards were already super strong on their own, imagine with increased power as well.
  2. If we get a nerfed altar it can be used to somewhat equalize the themes. Something like extra cube slot was real cool and felt strong but then we got used to Ethereals, Soul Shards, Crucibles and the altar. So if that theme gets cycled the altar gets some damage/defense nodes back and it reduces the feeling of “I’m just going to skip this one until the strong theme comes again”.
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I can imagine some super fun seasons that most players would enjoy for the three month duration…
Another thing though. Some of the most OP builds with ethereals and soul shards may not work anymore? (Wasn’t there something with Firebird’s Mirror Images and the Monk’s fire allies? Can’t remember exactly).

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It might also be that the Altar will get reworked in a very different way. In S28 you could unlock all nodes and use them. It might be different if the Altar becomes a permanant feature. For example, they could let us unlock all the nodes (yes, even the power buffs) except the potions nodes. But unlocking will not mean, you have the buff right away.

Let’s say you can unlock the nodes and only get a certain number of points to enable nodes you want to play with. That would mean you could use the Altar to fill gaps in your build or gain QoL…

Doing it like that would even allow the season 28 theme to be reused, as in that season you would simply gain enough points to unlock everything.

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