Pre-download not available

Prepurchased the game. No option to select beta from the drop down to pre download.
Have tried restarting client, Running in beta mode, changing region, restarting PC.

No dice… Any suggestions?

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I got the same problem. Restarting PC or not working. Don’t see the game, but the system says it’s in my library :eyes:

Seems to be related to the system requirements:

Help! “Diablo IV - Beta” not in the list of game versions ( : diablo4 (

Also, on my desktop PC I can select the beta
(win 11, ryzen 5 3700, 5700XT, 16Gb RAM, …)

On my workstation/notebook I can’t select it:
(win 10, i7 11th gen, RTX 3080, 64GB RAM, …)

both are connected to the same network via ethernet cable (changing to wifi does not matter)

Holey Niche balls, Yes I have a Vodafone 5G gigacube. Hot spotting to my Phone got the beta client to download.