Post Your Best Gear From D2

This is some stuff I had on ladder a long time ago:

  1. Leviathan Kraken Shell. Dropped of one of mephisto’s goons.
  2. Griffon Eye Diadem. Randomly fell off a mob before Baal.
  3. 6/6/4 CTA I rolled on the ladder (yep perfect I was absolutely floored).
  4. 397 Grief I rolled… almost perfect amazing roll.
  5. Original high percentage leech rings from some early version of D2 before they changed it.

Just a few of the better things I had many moons ago. What were yours?

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A little jealous of the griff’s eye. I’ve never found one of those.

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I think my best find during last ladder was an eth Ginther’s Rift. Upped it to phase blade and it lasted me throughout hell on my frenzy barb.

I can’t really remember the items I found prior to last ladder though, been a few years since I played.

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Eth BOD Zerker Axe with 402 ED, Fort Archon Plate, Dream Bone Visage, Dream Crown shield. This is on my Zealadin.

I briefly had a rare dual leech ring on the rare leader board of awesome items on diabloii .net back before LoD. It’s probably the best item I ever had drop as getting an awesome set of stats on a rare seems better than just getting some variation of RNG on a unique.

I’ve done this before, too. Pretty sick item :slight_smile:

Tyraels Might from front of Baals throne, leftover in a pile of loot, 8 player private run.
141 Shako off Andy
Ber rune from LK runs (actually made them worth it)

Im sure there are more, those stand out as big firsts (and only)

Tyraels might is an amazing find!

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Found a couple of griff

But has to be the 2cold 3forb 3 mastery 20ias orb

  • 2/20fcr/str or life/all res ammy (had one for pally and sorc)
  • nearly perfect griffon (199def/20/15)
  • perfect grief
  • 2sin/3ls/3mindblast/40ias/2os GT

It’s amazing how I can still remember them after I stopped playing the game 10-12 years ago while I can’t remember what I did yesterday.


i’ve found everything except tyreals might… shucks.

Near the height of my richness i created a Last Wish. But then ragequit when it rolled nearly the lowest ED possible at 332% :sob:

  • Tyraels might
  • Sur and Lo in two following chaos runs
  • Zod in ancient tunnels
  • ethereal 30% dmg Deaths Fathom
  • +20 Life, 5% all res SC
  • +20 life, +17 Mana SC
  • Perfect Deaths Web
  • Enigma in 15% Ed archon plate legit without bots or dupes

There is so much more but i forgot most of it.