Possible WD bugs

On the PTR I noticed a few things that may be bugs. Apologies if they’ve been mentioned already. I didn’t see them posted myself.

  1. While in spirit walk if you cast Spirit Barrage: Phantasm, the phantasm will not deal damage and will remain active so long as you remain in spirit walk. I am not using any items that enhance or change spirit barrage’s damage or functionality. Once leaving spirit walk the phantasms will start doing damage and time out after the listed 5 seconds (from when you leave spirit walk). This happens normally, but is more noticeable when using Shukrani’s Triumph.
  2. The Arachyr set rework’s first iteration caused the player casted spider queen to only last 5 seconds. After the patch, the second iteration, the player cast spider queen still only lasts 5 seconds.
  3. The PTR patch mentions that “Corpse Spiders can now benefit from Pet buffs”, however the Spider Queen rune does not proc stacks of the Dregs of Lies Soul Shard Rank 3 affix. This might be due to the “pet hits” language and the Queen doesn’t “hit”.

Thanks for reading!

Please report those on the PTR Bug Report forum.

You can move your topic by clicking the pencil tool under your post and changing the category from Bug Report to PTR Bug Report… and then saving the changes.

My bad, I thought I did, thanks.

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you did :thinking: not sure what he is on about

He didn’t. He followed the advice and moved it here.

I also want to note that I saw that All resistances seemed to have capped at 999. I didn’t test looking for that for more than a few minutes, but it was odd and stood out when I swapped my Intelligence Topaz gems that the all resistance details on the character tab did not decrease nor increase… again as if it were capped.

I reported this last week. It appears to just be a display issue on the character sheet, as when you mouse-over the Resistances value it shows you the “full” number.

The first bug you mentioned is old, known, and will happen on live servers too.

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Thank you, that makes sense! I figured it was low priority and possibly display only but good deal to know exactly what it is! :slight_smile: