Pool Of Reflection Bonus

Currently it take finding 10 Pools of Refection to Full your Pool Of Reflection Bonus Xp Stack. Can you please change this so that 1 pool of reflection, will fill your Bonus Xp Stack.



I am sure they will get right on that for you. Let us know when it starts.

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And eliminate one of the only purposes for certain “speed” builds like infinite dashing strike monks, autoport wizards, and/or crazy barbie door bouncers?

Hell nah bruv.

Good luck. That would mean pools would need to be buffed. If anything they are more likely to get rid of pools then to buff them.

… sure, but the “Pool of Reflection” effect will be cut in half for multiplayer games. They will spawn in GRs now, so rejoice. Ah, but “Strength in Numbers” will be removed. Can we make that deal? Since, you know, the xp gap between solo and multi is already large enough as-is. If anything that should be addressed.


I’ll give you an even better idea: just remove those pools and make the experience bonus permanent.

Or how about not makeing the game even easyer?

I approve this idea! ™ LETS MAKE XP GREAT AGAIN

And make the bonus additive per player present!

1 pool plus the bonus granted by play in multi + 100%!

I didn’t find the sarcasm font, sorry

Empowered GR’s should always have a pool of reflection active for the entire duration of the GR

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As Jay Wilson would put it: Let’s double it!

Just kidding. Let’s leave it as is.

And while they’re at it, can they move book of cain and kadala on every act right next to Haedrig?


Can we just have the game play itself? Sorry, some already do that.


How about adding a hot tub of meditation? I don’t know what it would do, but it sounds relaxing. :slight_smile:

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Don’t get me wrong, I like all of the Diablo’s except Immortal, and will continue to play D3, but…

There is no challenge in it anymore. I didn’t even play HC in Season 1, I struggled to make it to 70, so I played SC. Yeah, that is sad in itself.

I don’t think I finished a Season Journey until Season 4 or 5. Now, I am usually finished the journey by the end of the first week.
IMO, Unless you are pushing the leaderboards, D3 is just a mind numbing game that you don’t need a lot of skill for.

An example is this season’s AoV Sader. For Ubers, Rifts, and Bounties, I only use one skill. Steed Charge (Endurance), I don’t have to click another button. 2 min Rifts on the right map, and bounties in no time.

I fully agree with this bit.
Leave group play as it is.
Buff solo play. For example through followers.
Have followers do significant damage, also in high solo GR. Or buff the character more.
Allow all three to follow permanently could be an option too as part of more damage.

Or have followers focus on damage reduction / mitigation, so the character can focus more on damage and less on defense. As part of closing the gap between solo and group play.

Have a permanent solo buff would work too, I guess.


Why not add some gold XP globes into the mix. Everyone loves golden balls!

Not gonna happen. Blizzard doesn’t care a damn about us solo players, we’re scum to them. If Blizzard had it their way, they’d probably ban us from playing solo. Blizzard keeps spitting out patch updates about “balance” but continues to ignore the growing gap between group and solo players.

Yes, cos 50-100 runs just to get 10 experience pools is “fun” lol. Some of us play games for fun, not as a “job”.

We’ve been asking for this for a long time, so far, it’s been ignored at every opportunity.

I am as casual as you can get. But actually i don’t realy care anymore what happens with the game, as long as everyone’s happy.

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Sounds like the petition to the Microsoft