POJ Shoulder, what to roll

Found a primal POJ Shoulder with

What should I roll off (AR or RCR) and for what (CDR or AD)?

Do you have perma uptime for epiphany? If so, then roll for AD. If not, roll for cdr. As to whether its rcr or ar, personally, I’d go for rcr, since the damage mitigation from the rcr (via cap crimson) is smaller than the all resist, if I recall correctly.

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best shoulders have cdr, ad and rcr (usually). poj no need for rcr but gives you free 8% dmg reduction, so best roll.

AR and RCR provides Damage Mitigation.
Having AR and RCR, Resistance is 82.79% + 39.06%
Removing RCR, Resistance is 82.79% + 33.74%
Removing AR, Resistance is 81.62% + 39.06%
AR vs RCR: It appears RCR gives slightly better DR.

CDR and AD provides additional DPS.
Getting AD, I increase total AD from 118% to 138%
Getting CDR, I increase total CDR from 53.61% to 57.32%
Seems AD is better.
Epiphany is the only skill on bar with cooldown and Zodiac always keep it refreshed almost immediately.

Therefore, does it make sense if I roll off AR for AD then?
It gives the most DR and DPS for this piece.

what do you think?

Vit and DEX are the only rolls you can compensate by leveling up, hence equivalent.

AR / RCR (with cap. crimson) are both beneficial for toughness, which is a must for this build.
CDR is also good for the build by helping to maintain epiphany up.

If u plan to play a lot I would either roll VIT or DEX off for CDR/ AD, when you have enough PLVLs, depending uppon your needs. This may be for CDR for lower Plvls and AD later, IMHO.

I’d roll RCR to either CDR or AD

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In that case would you go VIT>RCR>CDR>AD or DEX>RCR>CDR>AD given the option?

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I’d go cdr = ad > rcr > dex / vit / allres

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