Poison nova potential

Hey guys had a thought, and yes if its not on icy veins its no viable, I get it.
Bare with me
So the set that gives 10,000% or better yet it says enemies recieve 10k% damage from necro does that mean the enemy HAS TO be hit by bone armor or just as long as done armor is active??

2nd: if the enemy has to be hit by bone armor then the next damage source. Does the % damage with gems like bane of the trapped sense poison nova is a close quarter skill and plus and (excuse me) the weapon that increases poison nova certain % per each enemy near by.
The damage seems there if yoy get a ball of enemies going? Or is it just not even viable and by viable I mean going as high as you can go on a casual level.

  1. What other non set items amd gems etc .

  2. D2 vibles with enigma going around.and nova-ing everywhere .

I played an Inarius / Blood Nova build a couple of seasons ago…
It works nicely in density, but it’s awful against guardians that have no adds.

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  1. Enemies need to be in the area of the Bonestorm to receive the damage bonus from Inarius 6 piece.

  2. Every damage source keeps track of it’s corresponding buffs independently. Bane of the Trapped in your example checks to see if the target is under a control impairing effect when the target is hit, a rank 25+ Bane of the Trapped provides a slow aura to everything around you so it will proc it’s full bonus.

  3. Inarius buffs everything in the radius of the Bonestorm, gem damage, follower and pet damage, skill damage, area damage, etc.

  4. I didn’t play much Necro in D2 (Assassin and Druid) and didn’t really get into endgame (played solo exclusively).

So I can t16 with it (damage wise) pretty decent with tier two items (outside of the set build) how ever with the bone armor armor buff and a rune or two giving me an armor buff after casting etc but my problem is I have to stand still for a split second cast siphon to trigger blod nova and thats when I get one shotted to All hell…
I can use poison Nova “blight” its seems to be quicker.
Im using the off hand that cast blood nova for free when casting siphon blood. And that slight stand still to use siphon and intern triggering blood nova my problem … Way to soft any ideas

icy veins is very questionable in general. They don’t even have the top leaderboard build for necro last i checked, and also claim star pact wiz is group only even though top leaderboard solo wiz are star pact. They also list raiment monk, which is barely even t16 viable, as “high tier.”

I’m sure there are viable builds that they don’t cover. They’re not a particularly reliable source in general.

Yeah I can see that, true…
And like I said I feel like I got a mild build thats actually going well. However I die wayyyyyyyyy to easy in GR80 I do damage to run the same rift but instant dead when a minion sneezes on me

Hey, im new to Necromancer class (barb and dh mostly). But i also like poison nova d2 style necro. There is no good poison nova guide at icy veins, so i created my own build (check Yzer#2926, EU). But its LoD build, not set.
My build is not finished yet, still need to fix few non-ancient items and replace bracers. Also i want to test stone gauntlets with ice climbers. Core of the build is ready.

Im not sure about potential. I got GR90 yestarday pretty easy with 1350 para. After some items fixed and few augs, i guess, its ready for GR100. The only problem for this build is RG without adds. Probably 2-man runs with RGK is better for this build, but i play solo non-season.

In only at 860 paragon using set and my issue is im getting one shotted constantly by minions. And I assume the bonus from LON is great at max ancients??? And i assume you’re re rolling for poison skill damage?

Would you guys use simulacrum and haunted visions for this build? Or wear Traveler’s pledge/Compass Rose set