Poison dagger needs improvements, here are options

Potential Change 1: killing enemies with poison dagger has %chance to spawn a poisoned flying dagger

Potential Change 2: poison dagger is now a summoning skill. Animated Pointy weapons imbuing them with poison damage.

The mechanic for both of those already exists with the Flying scimitar monsters

This skill is currently boring and feels out of place on a caster. Add to this that Assassin has venom and it’s much better


i mean yes its a trash skill, poison explosion is also terrible

but I’m not too found of the ideas you gave out,

i honestly dont know what i would do to it but its not really important at all because poison necro is totally a viable build with nova… so shrug

i would be more for changing it if they didn’t add the respect token in 1.14 but with them added its a much lower skill priority.

should it be changed? yes.
but im not for changing it until i see a genuinely good idea for both it and explosion


They need to fix the way poison nova looks first.

Give it more thickness and remove the wavy “teeth” look

Really if it’s a nova it should look somewhat like the sorcs novas.

In poisons instance perhaps like a poison cloud emanating from the ground area of the caster outward with a cloudy poison on the outer part and a thin green dissipating solid following from behind.

Like when wind picks up dust, the swell then the brittle remnants following

Or just more like the old one…either way

Aside from the fact that devs have already announced and advertised this as a remaster where they will not be doing any rebalancing, these ideas are terrible.


Why did you pre-order a game if you like nothing in it?


How did you get that from this one post about him wanting poison dagger to be improved? Lolz.

let’s wait for the devs to say they’ll balance before pitching in ideas shall we

i mean this is probably the most reasonable post i have seen him make as of yet, so i kinda get where slip is coming from… i mean granted his suggestion as a fix is still pretty hastily conceived, but at least we all know poison dagger is a trash skill.

baby steps


I believe, if I’m not mistaken, that OP is the one asking for the most changes on the forums. At least 1 post a day, sometimes 3-4.

It’s not just one post.


I’m a bit biased because I love running a melee Necy.

There are two problems I see with P-dagger, first is the poison duration: At high levels it accounts for about 29K over 21 seconds, this comes to about 1600/sec. PNova does about 5K over 2 seconds or about 2500/sec. For this the necy must get into melee range and can only attack one target at a time while nova kills a screen at a time, once it finally kills. By keeping the damage at such a long duration it makes the ‘practical’ use of the skill as a stab the boss and wait 30 sec, then stab it again. It is a sideshow skill and you need to make a specific build that doesn’t play well with others to make it work as a primary skill.

The second problem is the options a pDagger necy has to survive in melee range. If you want to survive as a PDagger you need to use your curses for some serious CC or have really good bone armor, unfortunately the bone armor goes down real fast and using curses for CC makes the clear speed real slow when combined with the slow acting poison.

The way I would improve it would be to lower the duration of the poison while keeping the poison high. Allow the pdagger poison to act real fast, hitting maybe 5K/sec rather than 1600. This gives some reward to the risk you have for getting into melee range vs the caster side that just out damages it.

The second fix might be to add some block percentage when bone armor is up. Something that gives some more durability to the guy if he chooses to get into melee range.

Another idea I kinda find interesting is make it a buff. This allows it to be used with things like pusspitter or Grims Burning Dead.


I would just buff the damage.

I could also see entirely changing poison mechanics so they stack (each attack as a separate debuff), but you’d have to adjust a lot of values if you did that.

Ahh I see. First one I’ve seen from him so I was like that’s a weird thing to infer from one request. Lol

Yeah. I try not to get too nasty out the gate (read: passionate xD) but a pattern is a pattern lol

At this point, I’d almost consider it trolling but vov


i 100% agree with fixing the duration… rabies has the same issue… 16 second duration, i mean i get it needs time to spread before it kills the target but, thats still crazy.

the biggest issue here is that we have assassin venom as well,
so there are a couple ways to go around this.

the first problem is the damage is bad, and the duration is worse
2nd is it restricts weapons
3rd is it requires attack rating
4th is it requires melee range…
and 5ths is its single target.

the way pod change ti iis it became a “buff” like venom and it gave poison damage extra - resists…

problem is we dont need more - res… posion necro is fine

and i cant think of literally ANY reason why it would need to be used when posion nova is such a viable final skill

to have a single target skill you you need to have a damage advantage.
but it requring attack rating to hit is… well bad.

i dont think having bone armor give block change is a good idea… we already see how terrible that was when pali had it with holy shield, i think thats a terrible idea

i really dont know what i would do, i cant really see ANY way of making it do somthing that poison nova cant do better, and sure i get that you dont need to use all the skills u max

you dont see blizzard sorc using ice bolt, but i feel at least one of the other skills in that tree should be useable

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Poison dagger is a level 6 skill so being viable in hell idk, but even in normal its meh. Perhaps if the psn duration was reduced with same dmg.

Poison explosion can be pretty bad if the mobs aren’t near the corpse since it has no range, I wouldn’t mind seeing it’s cloud range extended.

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Poison dagger should be changed to “poison throw dagger”

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thats… the best idea i have seen thus far…
it would avoid the melee range, it could easily avoid the attack rating, and it would ignore the need for you to wear dagger.

that’s actually brilliant

on 2nd thought that’s just a poison javelin from amazon that doesn’t use attack rating or require you to wear a jav, use AR or take quantity.

ahh well, w/e poison jav is also trash, who know what to do with any of this XD

Can you fix Inferno while you’re at it? I’d love a viable way to use that skill in mid-late game/PVP.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If it becomes a buff like enchant then it will work fine with throwing daggers, crossbows or scythes etc.

Rename it “poison fang”