PlugY won't be available in D2R

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Update of 30 August 2021

Good news : PlugY 14.03 is out.
Bad news : I won’t do PlugY (infinity stash) for Diablo II Resurected because Blizard doesn’t allow modding (binary editing).

v14.03 changes :

  • Fix a items diplay bug when only one stash page is filled.
  • Add Korean Translation.

Feels bad man. :frowning:


i just hope atleast that we get more character slot (and some more non shared stash tab ) on
currently as it stand , based on beta, 20 char slot is…bad like really , compared to OG diablo 2 that allowed us multiple account , it’s pretty bad.


Never used Plugy, so I’m not worried about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah it was tough at times with stash management, but I managed to get level 90 characters playing SP before.

That David Brevik being a stash space miser!

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Agreed, 20 slots is nothing considering we won’t be able to make more accounts without buying the game again. I’d also like to see more personal stash tabs as well, that would greatly increase the amount of storage on an account. Something like 2 or 3 personal stash tabs would be cool.


was a mod allowing tons of tabs for the chest.
But was indeed a single player thing.
i was more into closed battle net only most of the time personally.

yea , more PERSONAL stash tab would mean way more efficient mules (shared stash tab is one tab, personal stash tab is 1 X number of characters)

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While that hurts grails, not really needed now. All it would really offer is infinite Respec and stash, along with misc qol such as moving Cain and pindle portal if blizz don’t.


Yeah I know what plugy did… I just never really cared for mods. The only thing I ever did was tinker around with the -direct -txt TSV files in single player… Making Diablo 2 crash a lot of times. :smiley:

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personally , i rarely played modded diablo 2.
though i did try the density X 20 one once xD

but yea i’am mostly a online , albeit solo (often atleast), player anyway not really offline.

Fair enough, most of PlugY’s features have been added to D2R already. I just like to manage my stash/items ingame without having to swap between characters to mule or use an external program like GoMule, even with the new shared stash I find it a bit of a hassle.

Overall just a bit sad but I’ll make due without it.

Speaking of GoMule it seems likely it’ll be made compatible with D2R since there was a rudimentary version made for the alpha, so that’ll be a decent alternative at least.

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Im sure there will be others who take up Plugy mantle.

To be honest, the full game isn’t even out yet. Maybe VV moved some of the stuff to be able to be modded like that for infinite stash. It’s still too early, really to 100% discount it yet until after release.


I don’t recall Diablo 3 having mod support either.

Don’t be an uncalled for dufus. D3 was always online, wasn’t meant to have mod support.

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Why lol? You dont need plugy with D2R.

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I see the owner of PlugY is following in every other modder’s footsteps, assuming they know what Vicarious’ plans are, lol. Whatever I guess.


Correct Diablo 3 was never meant to have modding support, and its quite a shame Blizzard is taking the anti-modding route for D2R.

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Blizzard is not taking the anti modding route for D2R, unless they specifically say so by launch. They are restricting dll injection, as stated at Blizzcon. They didn’t say that they would support private servers however, which most of us already assumed from the get go, and was confirmed by Swiftkitten when senpai and greendude said they would not be converting their mod realms to D2R, since they technically are already breaking the rules with how they have their games to begin with.

Launch is not here yet. Once the game launches, modders will be able to take a look at what Blizz is allowing, and will be able to make their full, informed decisions there.


Where. Is. Your. Proof?
inb4 “bcuz TCP/IP removed” garbage.

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Blizzard is taking a anti mod route for D2R. The have said they are alright with data changes, but that only goes so far. You can’t change any core logic which means a lot of the D2R mods are going to handicapped before they start development.

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Extrapolating baseless information out of thin air. Do you even know what constitutes “data” in regards to coding? It is a blanket term for a LOT of different potential avenues.