Please Undo 50% of The Material Nerfing you did for S30

As the title says.
Last season I manually picked up more material, in 1 day, then the QOL (Pet) has in 3 or 4 days.
I go into a vision, kill a pack of Blue bosses and I’m lucky if I see 2 or 3 blue items, that my pet is picking up. I hardly get any white any more and yes I’m checking my material stash.

Before all the haters chime in, I’m working on 4 characters, totaling 10 builds.

The Legendary drops are okay, but the Cube Rng Re-rolling totally Sucks and so does Kadala. My only hope now is to run into a Glob Pack and that’s also been nerfed too.

I also know this is falling on def-ears, but I have to ask. Thanks


I also play multiple toons and have similar issues so I’ve taken to running bounties to restock my white/blue/yellow stashes. Which kind of defeats the visions/fissure reward chest at the end.

Because I don’t get nearly enough from the visions/fissures. I thought it was just me doing something wrong but it seems I’m not the only one starving for basic mats.

I’ve also taken to popping things like the armor/weapon racks in Nephalim rifts just to let my pet auto salvage them. Then I convert the extra whites to blues/yellows as needed.

Update: OK, there might be a reason they toned down mat drops… goblin floors in the visions… O. M. G. Over 2000 each of white/blue/yellow and I pulled two of them in less then 30 minutes. That’s 12000+ mats… plus DB and FS as well… oh, and piles of marquis and imperials. Run those visions! The theme rewards you with crazy amounts of mats. Sure, not every vision will have a goblin floor but they’re common enough that they add up.

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GR keys are also dropping at dismally low rates - even with the gear to boost them on the follower.

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I think they also changed the primal drop rate. Kadala or cube recipes 2 and 3 give almost no primals. At least that’s how it is for me. In season 28 I was comparatively overwhelmed with primals.

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The only one binging haterade is you.

You’re working on 10 builds simultaneously. Maybe try only focusing on 2 or 3 and then your resources won’t get so starved.


The thing you and the OP are “doing wrong” is expecting the game to scale your personal material drops by a multiplicative factor of however many builds you arbitrarily decide to work on.

It’s not a conspiracy theory. You’re just stretching your resources too thin.

No, they didn’t. Flip a coin once, you have a 50/50 either result. Flip a coin 900 trillion times, it’s still 50/50 BUT you see “streaks” of hundreds of heads-only flips, followed by dozens of tails-only. But it normalizes over time to approach the expected outcome.

Primals are a .25% chance. That doesn’t mean you’ll never see back-to-backs but it does mean, on average, you will NOT see them very often.


i would say there is something wrong with the coin. maybe head on each side?

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Chance of 100 heads = (1/2)^100 = 1/1,267,650,600,228,229,401,496,703,205,376

Trillion = 10^12
Nonillion = 10^30

It would be perfectly acceptable to consider this result a non-fair coin.

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Consider you’re doing ONE trial set of 100, here. You have 9 trillion more sets of trials to perform.

i agree. white mats are a huge bottleneck. i have to spam solo bounties in order to get white mats.

guess the botters win again…

this 100%. the absolutely changed it and literally lied to us by not saying anything. next step they will lie again and say there is a bug causing it.

unlike you i tend to always be the best player of the game i play. and that’s impossible unless you meticulously test every build in the game.

See my comment above… forget running bounties. Farm the visions. Maybe 10-15% of them will have a goblin floor and those easily drop 2000 EACH of white/blue/yellow plus gems and Forgotten Souls. My mistake was only running a few and thinking they weren’t worth it. Take full advantage of the visions.

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No, you said 9 trillion coin tosses. The chance of getting 100 heads in a row is 1 in 1.267 nonillion, i.e. you’d see this once in 10^18 sets of 9 trillion tosses.

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At any rate though, I think this is getting rather off topic. Point is, Primals don’t drop that often and it’s not due to a secret nerf.

i dont believe that at all. in my extensive thousands and thousands of hours of gameplay, this season is definitely off and it is certainly nerfed.

Seconds, not hours. You spelled it incorrect.

No, see, Bravata is Batman and also member of MENSA, and he loves to consciously mislead people. Especially evil villains who would otherwise go on to commit heinous crimes if their video game forum posts went unchecked. He said so himself.

So more likely it’s just that he’s referencing his entire collective play time across however many years he’s been playing D3, and not this particular season. Especially since we’ve only had like 500 some odd hours between Jan 12 and now.

Of course, someone possessing such an enormous intellect would surely have documented, verifiable proof of his claims. I don’t doubt for a single second Bravata is about to show us the extensive, exhaustive, in-depth, meticulous scientific studies he’s performed that painstakingly catalogue and detail every single one of his Primal drops which allowed him to empirically plot the rates across every single season that’s ever had Primals.

I mean, this has to be the case, right? Because the alternative would be he’s just a silly forum troll. How absurd would that be?


My only regret is that I can give just one like to this post.


i mean, i understand not everyone else is MENSA certified like myself, but wouldnt it make sense to mention my experience on gametime outside of this season as well, you know, as a control base on primal drops outside of this season when making a comparison to this season’s droprate being nerfed?

i’m pretty sure it doesn’t take a genious to understand that.

So it would seem someone on my ignore list has replied to this topic. I could click on it and see if it was Bravata or if it was that other guy who keeps posting off topic non sequitors (I think they’re the only two active members of D3 boards I have on ignore). Slightly tempted because it would be a LOT of egg on my face if it not only WAS Bravata, but if he also actually posted proof to back his claims.

Buuuut nah. I think I’ll keep ignoring trolls.