Please tell me the build for 130gr

please tell me the build for 130 in 2-3 minutes solo

You’re basically asking which fighter to main in Street Fighter if you want to rank up.

I could tell you Ryu, but that really doesn’t help you. In multiple ways, actually. It doesn’t help you learn him, it doesn’t help you learn the game, it doesn’t help you have fun. It doesn’t establish if you can personally consistently utilize Ryu’s moveset. It doesn’t establish what time frame or prior skill history you are working with.

Like, the build I’m going to be using is Masquerade Bone Spear Necro. But how is that going to help you?

Any pretty much if you have enough paragon.

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Any build can do it, but the one that’s probably best suited for it might be Impale DH. Try the In-Geom version, or even Echoing Fury. Really solid at semi-speeding higher GRs for XP.

Both demon hunter impale and crusader fists of the havens work for me for clearing GR130 in around 3 mins. Depends sometimes on the map. Good open areas with density and pylons ~ 3 minutes or even less, bad maps with corridors and dead ends ~ 4-5 minutes. My gear is decent but not amazing, and I have some augments here and there. At GR125, it’s just a matter of how fast you can move, since everything dies in one hit, and i’ve managed to do some 1 and half minute clears there.

I tried it with Roland and Lod blessed shield a couple of times and the clear was effortless although not that fast. But if I find better items for these 2, it seems it’s very achievable to fast farm high GRs.

It dosent depende on build. It depends on area quality, density.

Most of time, game keeps spawning garbage areas, Full of fallen shamans and dark clan lancers. For 10 years we are asking to rework grifts.

No one listen.