Please rework Angels

Just saw the patch notes.

Nerfing angels down to 33% damage only fixes half of the problem. Sure, you won’t be able to solo 150 but it also made angels useless. No utility, no damage. Why do you want angels as sanctified power?

I suggest you think of something creative for the angels. For example, your angels cast your equipped Holy skills and benefit from the same damage multipliers from the gear you equip.

Please rework!

The sanctified powers this season seem to be roughly half in the category of “holy moly this is game changing and super awesome” and the other half as “this feels so terrible or barely helps my build, why does it exist”.

Examples in the first category include barb WW vacuum, DH strafe everything, WD locust + haunt vacuum, wizard 10x magic missile and monk LOD WoL taco bell.

Examples in the second category include all the crusader powers, the remaining monk powers and the wizard storm armor power.

Yea… that’s blizzard for ya. Don’t listen to the community, throw things out there that aren’t even remotely interesting because “you think you do, but you don’t” mindset… Barb’s WW sanctified power is by far the best sanctified power out of all of the ones available to them. There wasn’t really a point to having 3 sanctified powers per class, because 1 of them makes the other 2 look like pure trash, for every class. So they only exist for RNG purposes.

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The bigger issue I see is that powers should not be designed for single skills, since you only give each class 3 powers. Similarly, class sets should never be designed around a single skill or a pair of skills.

The WD powers are a good example of a better power design. Every WD build likes horrify, so it can use the horrify power, which can seem boring, but is still fairly strong and great for team support too. Every WD build can make use of the locust swarm power except LOD fetish and Zuni fetish builds, but they can still make use of the horrify power. The Garg + dog power is obviously better for helltooth builds, but other WD pet builds can still get some use from it.

In contrast, the monk wave of light taco bell power is terrible because it is specific to one skill. With some brainstorming I’m sure they could figure out some slightly different versions that could be used for all spirit spenders, including lashing tail kick and tempest rush. So much wasted potential for replayability and player engagement beyond the early season.

I tried to get them to do that with the barbs 90 savages set when it came out… told them “make it for all barb primary abilities because there’s tons of support items for primary skills” but nope… bliz didn’t take it.

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