Please remove the Angels and add a Hammerdin Build Bonus

Please Hammerdin was the funiest and nicest build ever in Diablo games.
pls buff the hammerdin and remove those Angel Season power instead. Nobody likes the angels and ppl do play Z-Builds with the angel affix this shouldnt be a playstile to clear 150´s

Hammerdin forever!!!

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I’d say let Angels carry monsters to you like a zbarb or cast your equiped holy skills with all the multipliers you have. That will benefit more builds than just a Hammerdin build bonus.

Ye 2nd power for Blessed Hammers that gonna fail…

Make the Angel give something new and wider impact such as Angel will give holly aura that boosts all holy dmg by 100% within 60 yards. This will give a variety skill of Crusader to get boosted damage. Also, this will impact monks in that group.
This not only makes people think about crusader new build possibility but also pairing it or grouping with monks.


The angels ARE a hammerdin buff… you literally falling sword to complete the hammerdin build…

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What? There is already a bonus power for the hammerdins.
From the patch notes
“Blessed Hammer now crackles with energy damaging enemies within 12 yards of its path. All runes but Dominion now throw the hammer in a direct path in front of the Crusader.”


If anything, the angelic crucible has 2 out of 3 of its possible roles benefit hammerdins… I truly don’t understand OP’s logic :man_shrugging:

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Dont worry , neither the Devs understand what they do cause they obviously dont play D3 and they got no logic…
SO something illogical to them seems logical…

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Curious to see if there will be any last minute changes before the patch drops… bring on the notes! :beers:

Well no changes in drop rates or a small number in guaranteed crucibles at certain tresholds early in progress and except for a small group this will be another very short season likely. :stuck_out_tongue: With many threads early season about lack of keys and crucibles until those players quit the season.