Please no forced multiplayer in D4

I really hope that we don’t get this forced MP from Immortal in Diablo 4.
It’s so annoying in higher difficulties.

And the shared world is the same. It’s so … everywhere are other people and fighting invisible enemies etc. There is no Diablo feeling in DI. (only the shop prices are straight out of hell)


Yeah, that could be a deal breaker for me also. I prefer playing solo, but I do play multiplayer every now and again, I just don’t want it forced on me.


Blizzard doesn’t care. It’s their way or the highway (group play promoted, solo players continually screwed at every opportunity).


That train has left the station. The rewards for playing in groups are going to be so significant solo play will be crippled. It’s been Blizzards business model for some time. They’re all in on always online multiplayer. I understand their reasons for it are valid for their goals. I just really don’t give a fig about why they would do it.

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Their design will always promote group play so they can use peer pressure and fear of missing out to reach bigger audiences where their advertisement campaign failed to reach.


Yep, same here.

Add a solo toggle for the overworld.
And even more important, balance the entire game around solo and all group sizes having similar difficulty, efficiency and rewards.


Hard NO.

Play solo is you want, but stop demanding solo equivalence to MP. Making group play same as solo is not organic.

I am not even a hardcore MP player and enjoy playing solo most time, but this kind of mindset is entitlement


If you want organic, may I suggest gardening?


The only entitlement honestly seems to be people who want to have artificial benefits in groups. At the cost of their own gameplay quality (due to lowered difficulty).
Just balance all group sizes equally, and everyone can be happy with whatever group size they choose to play in.


That word entitlement, it doesn’t mean what you think it does. I understand why they would never make a game like that doesn’t make the desire for it invalid.

The way these games are being made has nothing to do with what people want. It’s a business decision based on profitability, nothing more.


Making being in a group significantly stronger/better than solo is a mistake all around.

It alienates a huge portion of the playerbase who prefers to play solo. They will feel like their time is wasted.

Lets say on week 4 of the season, 2 of your friends decide to stop until next season. The group becomes weaker and the remaining people of the group just think to themselves. Why bother continuing if i get less rewards/XP playing with 2 less members. And so they decide to stop too, even if they dont want too. Because the brain will just tell them its a waste of time.

Being forced to play with strangers to be on equal footing is just not a good experience. I’d rather play solo and watch netflix or whatever on the 2nd screen while playing and not feel that it is a waste of time.

The game being a “mmo” and feeling like your a part of an online community is cool and totally fine. What i have an issue with is if we are “forced” to be in a group all the time.


That truly is a big, but often ignored, part of the balance issue.
It isnt just solo who are imbalanced vs. groups. Also 2 player groups vs. 4 player groups. Completely absurd, and should not repeat in D4.


The belief is you’ll find or recruit two new friends. Multiplayer Role Playing Games aren’t made for alphas or sigmas. It’s a sound business strategy. The mistake is by not also making games that cater to people who only group occasionally or play exclusively solo they’re underserving a large part of the market. Since it’s unlikely a single game can do both they need different franchises for each type. Don’t pick one economic model and run it into the ground develop several.

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Same here. Mostly solo, but I do bounties in multi, some GR to test my main toon and PL.

But the multi is my choice, not the game’s


There is no forced multiplayer in D3 yet you can see all those solo purists being hostile to those who have friends to play together or don’t mind of the presence of others in their game.

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Best gear should come from group co-op gameplay due to higher tactical/skill requirements to obtains rare items.

Sure if you want to play solo go ahead.

So not only are people who want to play by themselves, but not be severely gimped for doing so and just want to have the same progression and rewards as others “entitled”…

But they also don’t have friends and suffer social anxiety as if to imply there’s something mentally wrong with them


Hmmm I wonder why some people just want to play solo??? Who’s the toxic one here?

There is literally nothing in group play that requires “higher tactical/skill” in any Diablo game.


The whole game shouldnt be handicapped and shallowed by rando people just wanting to play solo.

There should be an option for both.

Higher rewards for grou play is obvious.

It’s called FSSF.

False Solo Self-Found

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I (really) don’t understand your comment.

A P800 (800 is just an example) in multiplayer should have better gear than a P800 player in solo for the same GR?

And when you have a highest solo record than the 3 others players?

Penalty for the 3 other players?