Please make Bola & Chakram malee options viable

  1. Please make a significant damage boost either to Bola and/or Chakram and let us play demon hunter with a malee weapon. (This dream mechanic of pulling enemies became true NOW!!! and thank you for this crazy pull, but in addition giving us only 175% damage boost compared to HA’s 600%? That is not OK, this is only targeting zDPS DH.
  2. We are not going to be a barbarian or monk by holding a malee weapon.
    If you were going to limit malee weapon use only with impale, why do you let Bola and Chakram work with malee weapons?
  3. Why to limit S6 only with impale where bolas/chakram could easily be integrated to the same set?
  4. Please Blizzard, I bought this game in 1997 when I was a teenager, listen to a man with three kids today.
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Pro Elemental Arrow, pro Chakram…

Do we really need a second class, able 2 whirlwind ?

That´s boring. The new Dh - Set is boring.

Integrate Chakram into the Shadow Set.