Please let us choose our starter area in advance


why i ask:
-i mostly switch between rifts, grifts and ubers
-for this, i want the best place to start
-Tristram is that place to be for me
-it has even a bonus to be efficient between the blacksmith, orek and kadala

the real problem is that i lose 10 points of latency, if i jump to tristam


And enable cow/uber rifts to close.


You can choose where you start.
Start game, take 5 seconds to port to town of your choice.
Are you really complaining about 5 seconds of time?


Um, no you don’t. You start in the random act they want you to start in.

Are you really complaining about a QOL feature that doesn’t negatively affect the game in anyway?


This is a recurring request that has no downside. The original purpose of having certain acts having bonus bounties on a rotating basis has been removed, so there is no reason to continue changing where you start each game. I’m personally in agreement with the OP on wanting act 1, but I’d be ecstatic if we could just have it come back to the last act you were in when you exited the last game.


On the PS4 version you reenter the game in the hub of whatever act you exited the game from, so I’m sure they can implement it in the PC version if they want to.


or they could put a checkbox in the options for which act you want to start in. I like switching it up and be in act 2 for a while, or if I am doing bounties, there are certain acts I want to start in, so it would be nice to set up ahead of time so I can be dropped right into the act I want to be in.


Have to agree with Caladon here. It takes just a few seconds to jump to Act 1, of all the things wrong with Diablo 3, this is the last thing to complain about… It is such a minor QoL improvement, not worth the development effort


They have made many minor QOL improvements to this game that have made it a much more enjoyable experience, this is just another request that hasn’t come to fruition yet. As for the development effort, it would take like what, 10-15 minutes to implement this? One less Hot Pocket/Big Gulp break and it is done.


i think you are under-estimating how long this would take to make happen.

  1. Isolate and remove all coding that currently puts us in a random act chosen by the game. Then test it.
    2 Write and test code, that would allow players to choose which act to start in. Then test it. Add it in to the game, Then test it some more.

Now being as the entire game creation, and joining of games is currently using the random system. And blizzards track record of patch and fix. This does not sound like something they could get right on the first try.

So saying its a 10-15 min thing sounds a bit stupid.

There are more important things this game needs than saving someone 5 seconds of their super busy life.


reading the whole starter post should change your primal reaction.
-cherrypicking gives anyone an angle to spit at any opinion.


Um, no I’m not.

Ya, should be less than 5 lines of code. All it is doing is using a rand function to select between 1 of 5 options. If it is 800-2000 lines of code, they are doing something horribly wrong.

See above, just altering a few lines of code. It really isn’t that hard.

10-15 minutes if they have competent code monkeys. 45-60 minutes if they are completely incompetent.

They took the time and effort to move all the artisans to more central locations back in the early ROS days because players asked for it. That is considerably more code and testing than setting the start act from random to static. Again, this is a simple fix and would take negligible time away from any major projects, and it is a request, like any of the other requests made on this forum. What you consider important is not the same as what everyone else considers important.


Being a software developer myself, I can tell you that 10-15 mins is an hilarious estimate. It needs to be tested, a UI option needs to be added where the user can choose which act to start with (for this a UX designer probably needs to make a design), it needs to be localized (translated into different languages), etc. And often times something seems easy from the outside point of view, but the way the code is structured (it is an 7 year old game after all), can make it a lot more work.

Look, I’m not opposed to QoL improvements, and I would like this one too, but in the current state of the game, the limited development resources are way more needed for other issues.


Starting in randon acts was useful when there use to be a bonus bounty act (starting act). Since that feature is no longer avaialble I think it defeats the purpose to have rotational start points, when new gaming. Might as well just start in Act 1 as this is the most convenient place accordinging to most people’s opinion.