Please, is that a bug? (Aquila`s Breastplate)

Hello. I found a possible bug in an item.
The item is called “Aquila Chestguard” or “Aquila Breastplate” (I play in the Portuguese language), and in the description of its legendary skill it says the following ‘’ As long as you have more than 90% of the primary resource, all damage received is reduced by 50%. ". However, I noticed that the damage reduction effect is only being applied in the 90% -99% range. When the primary resource is at 100%, the damage reduction is not being applied. That damage reduction application is in contradiction with the text of the item.
This bug in the item is affecting my build a lot, which keeps the primary resource always full (oscillating between 90% -100%), seeking for this damage reduction, but when every time I reach 100%, my character becomes fragile.

Thanks for reading!

Not a bug.

Aquila Cuirass

While above 95% primary resource, all damage taken is reduced by 50%. [90 - 95]%

You will gain the 50% mitigation if your resource exceeds the value on the legendary power. In other words…

Power = 90%
Mitigation is granted if your resource is at least 90%, i.e. 90-100 inclusive.

Power = 91%
Mitigation is granted if your resource is at least 91%, i.e. 91-100 inclusive.

Power = 92%
Mitigation is granted if your resource is at least 92%, i.e. 92-100 inclusive.

Power = 93%
Mitigation is granted if your resource is at least 93%, i.e. 93-100 inclusive.

Power = 94%
Mitigation is granted if your resource is at least 94%, i.e. 94-100 inclusive.

Power = 95%
Mitigation is granted if your resource is at least 95%, i.e. 95-100 inclusive.

At no point does the mitigation get removed if you are at, or above, the amount of resource specified on the chest’s legendary power. Also, this is one of the rare occasions where you want as low a value on the power as possible, as 90% is a better roll than 95% in this case.

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I don’t know how you verify that. A simple way is open the character screen and watch the Toughness chance as the resource goes up from 80% to 100%.

Aquila works fine for me.

If it doesn’t work for you, take some screenshots at 80% 90% 95% and 100%.


Ty for comment, but I did get already the idea before. I am using that legendary effect in Kanai Cube, and it is saying above 90%. To exemplify what is going on: My char is a Barb, and I am using the Passive that increase his resource, instead of decrease it (don`t remember that passive skill name now). So, I use my Rage until it gets below 90% (at this point, my Toughness is X, with no aquila buff), when it reaches 90% or above, my Toughness gets increased by aquila buff, but only until 99%. When my rage becomes 100%, I lose the toughness gained by aquila buff. U see? Based on text on item, it should work even at 100%.
I will try to take some screenshots, and post here later, when I get home.

I decided to use one of my Barbarians as an example.

This image shows him wearing just an Aquila Cuirass…

This image shows that it has rolled with 91% on the legendary affix…

This image shows that my maximum fury is 150…

This means the mitigation from the chest should kick in at 91% of 150 = 136.5 fury

This image shows me changing Boon of Bul-Kathos to Unforgiving…

This image shows my Toughness at 134/150 fury (6,923,554)…

This image shows my Toughness at 141/150 fury (13,847,109)…

This image shows my Toughness at 150/150 fury (13,847,109)…

As you can see, there’s no decrease in Toughness when the fury reaches its maximum value.


Hello Maskraider!

When trying to take the screenshots, I figured out what was going on exactly, and it was my mistake. Aquila`s Cuirass is working fine as you said, sorry for the inconvenience.

What happened was a little misunderstanding of mine, about WHICH one of the"50% damage reduction buff" I was losing, and it was not from aquila.

The Ermos set buff with 4 parts, gives 50% reduction damage taken during AND for 3s after use of Whirlwind. So I used Whirlwind, consuming Rage, and coincidentally, my rage got back at 100% almost at the same time that, those 3 sec have passed.
So I was losing ermos 4 parts buff, and thinking that loss was from Aquila`s Cuirass.

Once more I apollogize for this mistake! Thank you a lot Maskraider and Meteorblade!

I realise which set you meant, but I was curious about “Ermos” so headed off to Google Translate which said it’s Portuguese for “Badlands”. The English name of the set is “Wrath of the Wastes”. Anyway, glad to hear we got to the bottom of it.

Anyway, that has me curious why you’re using an Aquila Cuirass in a Whirlwind/Rend build in the first place. That’s not a subject for the Bug Report forum, so I’ll just leave this here for you…

If you have questions, post them there, and they’ll be answered by the friendly Barb community. Good luck.

this has no sense, i use aquila cuirass for my twister wizzard and im always at 100% of arcane power, and i get the damage reduction, i never has seen such a bug from it

Did you read the rest of the replies before posting? OP discovered it isn’t a bug and he was seeing something else dropping off, not his Aquilla buff.

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no sorry i dont have time to read 1000 comments lol

It was 5 comments that addressed the issue, not 1000.

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comments, words, phrases, whatever, I don’t read everything posted here, if op found out what the problem was, so he just simply can ignore my comment