Please give us Natalya’s red cape on assassin model please

It looks way cooler

Especially since a lot of people claim that Natalya is the canonical assassin character

This cape looks so awesome

Assassin sucks as a class imho and isn’t very popular might as well make her look cool


Sucks how? Too strong? I’m confused. Or maybe you just don’t like the way she plays? that’s fine, but she definitely doesn’t “suck as a class”…weird take.


That’s what I’m saying. I said they should do something fun and give that as a ladder reward for the top 3 Assassin players of the ladder. They won’t though, they don’t have the experience to do it right.

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guys, this is not santa’s wish list. there is a difference between tailoring the game to your personal taste and trying to make suggestions that make the game objectively better.


I see no problem with these kinds of cosmetic changes if they are optional. Especially for other people too. I.e. they can turn off seeing it on others.

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Make it the aura for full nats set. if you have to sacrifice stats to look cool. Make the choice.

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haha, I like it.

20 chars

Another purists, another topic detailing attempt

I recently found out a lot of people consider her “least used character”, sounds ridiculous to me, but OP does have a point, a lot of the time you are focusing on matters that have little with the actual topic

Having said that I think putting the cape as a wearable option sounds like a pretty cool idea

straight back to D3 and there u can transmog much as u want…

More corny troll posts from OP. I say troll because I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Nope because:

1st: can’t go back to somewhere I don’t come from in the first place

2nd: I don’t want Transmog, I want art-transmutation

3rd: I couldn’t do it as much as I want because what I want is to swap change D2 arts in D2… not D3