Please fix your game!

Good lord in heaven,
Things I tried to resolve it:
new gaming pc with a new GPU
new router
new cable modem
new copy of windows 10
the issue is on your end and you NEED TO FIX IT ASAP!!!
The issue:
every 5 minutes the game just freezes up! When the game sort of catches up I am dead with no warning. Why can’t you hire better devs?!?

does it with intel, nvidia, amd graphics, amd and intel cpu, new router new cable modem docsis 3.1 2500 down 1200 up. the issue is on your end Blizz fix it now!

The game runs perfectly in Windows 7 provided it is up to date. It will warn you that Windows 7 is no longer supported. Ignore the warning and the game will run flawlessly.
It also runs very well in Wine, you need to install dxvk as well as core fonts, and ie8 and vcredist2015 via winetricks.
Both of these are fixes to the game. I played in wine for over an hour sans crash, sans freeze. I think the issue has to do with Windows 10 being Windows 10. I tried this across several machines and it even runs on my office PC sans issues in Linux. I really wish Blizz would rethink their stance on supporting Linux.

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What build are you playing?

Edit: I see a seasonal firebird wizard in your armory. I also see area damage on at least one piece of gear. In this build, area damage does no extra damage, and is causing the issue you are reporting. Remove all area damage, including paragon points.

Edit 2: I’m sorry, I misread, you have arcane damage (which is pointless in itself). However, if you have allocated paragon points to area damage, remove them.

It seems removing ad fixed the issue. Blizz really needs to fix this stupid bug. I’m getting so sick of nerfing my own characters just so I can play the game.

When we need to remove things on a Games to don’t have lag, it’s a problem.
Firebird set are OP ATM so why don’t put a cap to number of ignite creature so we maybe solve both.

Yes, they should fix this, but I doubt they will. It became an appearent problem when the GoD DH emerged, which uses AD a lot. However, D3 is in maintenance mode, I don’t think they know how to fix it, or will allocate the time to fix it.

yeah I have 0.00% area damage and the game still freezes the game is broken
I will never buy d4, this is quite indicative of their company policy, I refuse to support broken garbage.

It’s a old issue more common because some philosophy decisions. Add the fact older servers and you get it.

The game has limitations about how much stuff can interact each other. That’s why the common workarounds are:

  • set audio channels to lowest(because less sounds would be needed for each interaction).
  • Removing AD from gear, because causes secondary triggers that impact the previous problem and excessive calculations
  • High numbers with several multipliers and perks, means more calculations being held at same time. It’s originaly a 32bit game and most of stuff already breaks integers marks because of the multipliers.
  • Not always cutting Edge tech would solve any issue, because the game can’t use much of the hardware. So better IPC and lower density of cores with higher cache would be the optimal scenario.
  • Windows 10 as is have several issues, same applies to blizzard app. So those could be OS/Blizzard app related, try to check Storage usage(if there is any spike or usage drop) same to gpus(For me felt amd gpus had less issues than AMD about those freezes. My problems vanished with 0 AD and audio channel on lowest(on a fx-8320, fx-8350 and ryzen 7 5800x) . Had more issues with gtx 1080 than r9 380.
  • Keep in mind nvidia gpus, inherently have more overhead than radeon gpus, which means increased time to handle interactions and if you have audio of the game comming out from hdmi could explain certain issues about it.
  • Sometimes windows have some memory leaks or bad management of it, I would suggest flushing sometimes the memory pool, overwatch happens to have the same issue if you use a ton of stuff while he is in background for some hours.
  • Check softwares opened while you playing because it’s common some softwares have conflicts on windows 10, they update a lot and it’s really hit-miss scenario.
  • Sometimes older drivers are more stable than the most updated ones, my brother with his 1050 almost always have issues when he updates his drivers in the first 2 weeks of release, same applies to windows updates.
  • Check if all your drivers are already updated or installed, some friends solved their game issues(on several games) using driver booster from iobit(has some kind of driver database repository with some stable drivers) the caveat it’s the free(only updates one driver per day) and trial(2 drivers per day).

I hope things get better for you, I would suggest also try lutris if you are familiar with linux to diagnose the driver side and os side.

Everything you stated I checked and double checked. They need to fix this game.

That’s sad to read, but I don’t think they actually can solve the problem themselves right now or in a really realistic timeframe for it. Because the team got severely reduced(If i remember correctly) and I’m almost certain that the issue lays on the core concept of the game(because was a bug that happened multiple times in the past), the game was made for windows 7 in mind and several stuff was changed on windows 10. Add the fact that in the middle of the “life” of the game they changed some philosophies about how to proceed which generated a hugely increase of damage escalation.

They changed concepts on WoW(reducing the numbers) also in the past, they took the opposite direction with d3(increasing the numbers) in that regard.

Like d2 still today has a ton of bugs and D2R will have those, at least at launch. For a game with almost 9 years and reduced team I don’t really “think” they could manage to solve the issue anytime soon.

My advice would be play another class in the meantime or keep trying isolate the issue. Sometimes folks have their problems vanished for unknown reasons. Either way I hope things get better for you and folks at same situation.

I think I’m going to try to get windows 7 to work and just use Linux. I’m so sick of Windows 10. I wish blizz would support Linux. They really should it would help everyone. Not just Diablo but all games.