Please Don't Keep 800 Cap post-season 29

Wow, if that’s true, that’s sad.

The Blizzard that many of the old timers knew has long been replaced by Bobby Kotick and Corporate Greed.

Two of the three founding members have already jumped ship, the 3rd one Allen Adham is pushing mobile.

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There needs to be an uncapped seasonal mode, at least one, many of us dont enjoy the cap and dont care about leaderboards

And they definitely need to chill with the nerfs, it hasnt being helping them when they do them

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On the contrary. The best games never received nerfs, and if something was OP, that was OK

Thats how gaming grew back in the day

Nerfs started becoming a habit when executives started dictating the direction of games and things like engagement started being more important than fun

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What do you believe were the best games ever?

D3 team listens to the community these days. If there’s a chorus of people saying they love paragon 800 why wouldn’t they change their mind and make it permanent? The altar is coming back in season 30 due to popularity. So zip it.

Engage your brain cells before you run your mouth the altar helps everyone not all players like the 800 cap.

Rumors are full of :poop: do you believe everything you see online. Do you have links to any of these rumors?

If it is not from Matthew, Adam or some other official Blizzard source, I do not put any stock in stupid rumors.

I like the cap. I played every season but always gave up when I saw I need at least 2-3k paragons to be competitive. I made 2k maybe twice but even then I wasn’t able to get to top 1000.

I like the idea of choice - maybe having few leaderboards: under 801 paragons, under 1001, 1201 and so on.

Or at least add filter to the leaderboards where I can compare my 1000 hero with players of similar level. It is usefull for builds checking too. Build will have different affixes on 800 and on 3000 paragons

Well a higher paragon cap at the 4-5k range fixes that as well

However I still prefer a rebalance

I hear D4 is hiring.


I agree, but I think we are stuck with the 800 cap for season 29. To change it now would wreck the leaderboards. I think a cap is good, but it needs to be much higher.

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I am also not a fan of the 800 point cap. its fine if they want to make a mode like ssm and cap it there to keep everyone on even footing, but dont cap the normal season characters. i lost intrest pretty much as soon as i heard about the cap. 800 is waay to low.