Please confirm - pets don't autosalvage plans?

I have the altar node where pets autosalvage things. I just need to confirm that they don’t autosalvage the plans for things when they drop? I have run Izual about 100 times on T16 with no plan drops that I see, and just need to confirm it’s just bad RNG on my part before I continue this.

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Just bad rng lol. Was same for me

Plans cannot be salvaged at all, let alone by pets.

Double-check that you are killing Izual, and not Urzael. Those two get mixed up sometimes. Just like Aranaea and Cydaea, the two spiders.

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Then you already learned the plan. It cannot be. I think on T16 is 100% drop chance.

So go to blacksmith and you should see that you can create the Bracers needed for the Altar.

Edit: My bad. You are talking about THAT Izual plan :slight_smile: Well, bad RNG then!

Lol…think again. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

The Seal description is: “Pets pick up and salvage common, magic, and rare items.”. Plans are not common, magic, nor rare.

OK, so just under 200 Izual kills was the magic number. And just over 250 for the GG. All-in-all, a little harder than I remember for the plans (usually get those first few kills of Iz every season), but the GG was about right.

every aspect of whimsyshire staff is best done during each and every bounty run. Then you will most likely only need to run 100-200 games for the chiltara drop.

Back to the most funny laugh post. lol