PLEASE change Vile Hive to 400%-600% PLEASE

Please fix this one single item so that i can enjoy Witch Doctor again. I love Jade Harvester, it and Zuni are the Staple sets of the class and what makes it unique and fun. Please change Vile Hive and make Jade viable again.

Also, it would be a wonderful change if The Band of Hollow Whispers were made useful too, making it work like Wormwood but for Haunt. Both could use a little damage multiplier too.

Please, us Witch Doctor main feel so neglected for so many years now and every single class has completely scaled beyond us. All of our sets are really bad, even the “improved” ones. All we have is one choice being Mundunugas and playing the same thing for 4 years is tiresome.

I’d prefer splitting the bonus between Wormwood and Vile Hive, but same idea.

Ideally, you could tool Jade with LS and be better at trash killing, or stick with haunt for better elite damage because you can use Furnace > Wormwood, or maybe even a hybrid that’s squishier but has more overall damage.

But really as long as I can do a lazy LoD LS build I’ll be happy lol