PLEASE Buff Phalanx, please stop ignoring it

Blizz, come on. It’s been forever and Phalanx is still useless in builds beyond t10. Can we please get a numbers boost to phalanx so it can be used in speedfarming? It doesnt even have to be able to run high grs. Just an extra zero to the damage numbers on the supporting legendaries. PLEASE.


They won’t work on anything outside of the patch.

it’s so frustrating. I have to “wait until next patch” every patch only for them to tell me “wait until next patch”. It’s as simple as adding a zero to the damage numbers. I have zero clue as to why they only want feedback on what’s being added when there are problems with what’s already there (and has been so for nearly a decade).


This is blizz right now :frowning: atleast for D3

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I think they will, the items are there, they just need some numbers, maybe it will take some time, but i think i will come

I wouldnt stop at Phalanx.

To me, if a skills sole purpose is to deal damage, then it should have some form of usefulness in the end game.

That is not to say it needs to be a pushing skill, it could be a utility speed farming skill that is great at aoe, or maybe transition it into a supplemental buff, but as is, it is a wasted skill selection unfortunately as you can not efficiently farm or push with it.

As a main crusader I hope they never buff Phalanx, if I wanted to play a pet class I would play necro or WD, not crusader.

Don’t hold out for anything you ask for, even if it has a resounding amount of support. I’ve seen topics that have had 100’s of likes and replies, nothing came of it. They do what they want, even though the reason the game is even getting tested is because of the players.

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Don’t waste your time on forums just test their changes if they work or not …there is no point in making suggestions or complaints …The balance team will do what ever they want …


YES please!
Phalanx needs some love! Make it happen!