Please Add a Diablo 4 Category to This Forum

I know that Blizz doesn’t want to create a dedicated Diablo 4 forum yet. However, there are so many D4 topics in this D3 general discussion forum that it is becoming quite cluttered. IMO adding a dedicated D4 category would be a good thing.


I think the plan is to blow up the forum by people talking about D4

A dedicated Diablo 4 forum is needed already.

When they set one up, I hope they will move all the existing Diablo 4 threads over to it.

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If you look at the main page of General Discussion at the top hhmm about 3 down you’ll see what your looking for. :sweat_smile:

There should have been a Diablo 4 section added to this forum the moment they announced the game. It would have been pretty easy for them to transfer that section to the new Diablo 4 forums once they are made.

A bit of an oversight on their part…

Cluttered forums aside, the main reason that I have avoided commenting in any of the hundreds of Diablo 4 feedback/rant threads is because, based on what little I have seen from a game that is still in its early stages of development, I have nothing insightful to add. And no offense to the more vocal members of the Diablo community, but a lot of the threads could be summed up as, to paraphrase Bill Maher, “:sob: Why did the Diablo 4 team make the game they made and not the one that I would have made if I had talent… which I don’t!”

I expected the deluge of Diablo 4 threads to subside after BlizzCon, but for a Diablo 3 player who simply wants to talk about Diablo 3 in the Diablo 3 forums, this has become insufferable! :angry: Granted, this is to be expected of the internet, where people go to share their every brain fart. But I would at least like to request that Diablo 4 threads be quarantined… er, I mean, preserved for posterity and then placed gently in their own dedicated forums or subsection of the Diablo 3 forums. Somewhere I can ignore them.


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“the main reason that I have avoided commenting in any of the hundreds of Diablo 4 feedback/rant threads is because, based on what little I have seen from a game that is still in its early stages of development, I have nothing insightful to add”

As soon as a game is no longer in its early stages of development, it’s generally too late to give any feedback that will influence its design as the game concept has been decided and won’t be changed.

Waiting to see fleshed-out designs and then commenting will mean you’re only giving afterthoughts on the game’s already-chosen direction, and not feedback on its potential direction.

So, for anyone wanting to give actionable feedback on the game, now’s a better time than later.


If they took out all the d4 and barb rend nerf topics, there would be nothing to read.


Um, ever played Diablo 3?

Played and completed. It has not been turned into anything resembling a good game by post-release changes. The core game design doesn’t afford the kind of manoeuverability that would be needed to turn it into a good game - hence why it’s important to voice feedback now and not wait until another bad game gets locked-in.


Lol D3 has been dead for a long time and all you need to know is in YouTube videos because it has been mastered to death a 1000 times over. What’s left to discuss

The forum has been pretty insufferable to wade through these past couple weeks, I agree. Blizzard should have had the sub-section set up prior to the reveal.

That said, any and all conversation about D3 being drowned out aside, the big problem is that suddenly everyone thinks they’re a seasoned game developer and that anything they’ve seen in this alpha demo is 100% set in stone. Some try to spin things as hoping they can influence the final product, but it’s hard to take any of that seriously when you find the back-handed insults levied at the devs or people who dared like what they’d seen so far.

We’ve then got the various social media fanboys circlejerking around their messiah of choice, where disagreement more or less invites the typical filtered slurs to avoid moderation, but nonetheless the intent is still clear. People are being giant, flaming a-holes. Anti-casual sentiment is rampant. “True fan” megalomania is running amok. Crapping on D3 is as prevalent as ever, if not further emboldened with the likes of the prior paragraph in mind.

Typical D3 hot button issues have been rekindled, only now with more temporarily present nobodies thinking they’ve “solved” whatever various problem and feeling themselves immune to rebuttal or quick to call people who disagree idiots and then some. I’ve probably seen “Fisher Price” spoken more in this past week than I have during my entire childhood 23+ years ago, and that’s a tamer example of people being snobs.

More objectively, Blizzard pushed themselves into a corner with all this. D:I last year was step one. Sucking China teat for their dollar and a horrible non-apology from the higher ups was the more recent step two. Revealing a very much not ready D4 to compensate for last Blizzcon was step three. Step four, I guess, you could say is the typical non-existent moderation, both in not creating a specific field for these conversations and not keeping bad faith conversation in check, that plagued this prior.

Put another way, too many “fans” suck and are the farthest thing a community should try to build around when all they’re belching is put-downs, needless exclusivity, and faux intellectualism. I may weather the storm as I have others, but it’ll be more in my interest for D3 than whatever happens to D4 years from now.


Diablo III is old news dude, get over it, it’s dead… anyone playing that game right now is just wasting their energy… go join a gym because your *** is about to get HUGE in a year and a half to two years time.

Now that the new season is about to start, this Diablo 4 category is needed more than ever.

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