Please add a 3rd choice to the mystic

I rolled my Jekangbord 31 times before I saw my first “Blessed Shield” percentage at 11%, I rerolled for higher and didn’t see my 2nd “Blessed Shield” percentage until roll 66, luckily it was a 15%…

but this is kinda nuts… even with essentially unlimited resources in PTR, the amount of time I’ve spent at the mystic trying to get a specific stat is INSANE… I know other people are experiencing this too. I’ve also had instances where I would sit there rolling over 200 times at the mystic.

I understand that it suppose to be difficult to roll a perfect stat when reforging a piece, but I’ve had this happen so many times and it’s part of the reason (among others) I quit each season after about 2-3 weeks nowadays. It’s not engaging, it’s not fun, it’s not challenging. It’s just mindless clicking until you get the roll you like. Most people are cheaters and using Turbo HUD to reroll their items anyway.

Could you PLEASE make it a touch easier for those of us who play legitimate and just add a 3rd choice?

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This is one of those items where you use ashes and settle for Crit+CDR, or Crit+Blessed Shield. Feel good if you get trifecta, or the consolation prize w/Block%.

If BS improves, I’d build it later in the season, knock out the bounties for the weapon, and then go for the shield last after accumulating enough junk primals. You may be lucky to find a decent one organically.

Oh yeah. I think my non-season Jek cost a few billion per roll, and still at 14% BS.

Somewhere else in the feedback someone suggested that if the given stat you are re-rolling would at least be no lower than what you have, it would be a tremendous help. I concur with that.

Another nice thing, perhaps for season only, would be some (expensive) way to reset the mystic’s flag so that you could re-roll a second or even a third stat. It probably will never happen because the focus is more on finding or re-rolling loot rather than upgrading it. Nice to think about, though.

I’m not trying to argue or anything but after playing D4, the mystic is leagues ahead by those standards.
Also, +skill damage on offhand is by far the hardest affix to reroll, so it’s not exactly a good metric by which to measure success.

They could just offer a 3rd choice and stop having like 7 different variants of time-sink mechanics in the game tho… since they’re trying to appeal to casual players via paragon cap and all…

Yea… that shouldn’t be a thing and it’s a sign of a poorly designed system.

Comparing :poop: to :poop: isn’t that great of a comparison. Diablo 4 is a dumpster fire.

I’ve had it happen with every item slot, re-rolling over 200 times for a specific stat is just asinine.