Playing WW, post Lamentation nerf

Ah I thought those 3 couldn’t roll together. Thanks for the replies.

No problem!

I’m really curious to see how things shake out once the patch goes live.


Patch is live on consoles by the way.

Its a shame that, for the 4th time now at least, topics go from ‘hey, this season is gonna be good, how should we build our barbs!’, to ‘hey, turns out Blizzard just gave us a pile of horse feces and monkey toenails, what can we make for dinner out of it?’. Getting real old.


Just watched someone try to do a 100 with the same ptr build for rend and it was brutal to watch. Rip rend barb for this season.

Logging in now to test.

Will report back later.

FYI, response thread is live.


Someone just said they did 100 in about 4 minutes… how is hell to watch?

I think the patch is live

Just ran a few 115’s with different setups…

The easiest was definitely loading all the damage into Rend, using IB (with Wind Shear), BoM (procced by Ground Stomp), Lamentation equipped, Mantle in the cube. Zodiac and CoE for rings.

Is rend on your skillbar? Which element?

Yep, Rend was on the bar. Bloodbath rune (physical).

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“You’ll also notice a significant number of Barbarian item changes in this patch. While the Barbarian class set will be coming at a later date, we have very much heard the War Cry from our dedicated Barbarian community and implemented a number of changes heavily inspired by extremely thorough feedback. While not every suggestion has been taken at a 1:1 parity, the thoughtful analysis helped guide us to changes we could implement in this patch. Thanks very much to the community members who expressed their concerns in a respectful, constructive manner. It’s very helpful, and we greatly appreciate the thought and effort that went into making your voices heard!”

You’ve all seen this quote, direct cut/paste from current patch notes.

I’ve gotta say, it makes my wanna laugh and vomit in equal proportions…

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So, just to be clear, while the Rend WW is not as strong as it was in PTR, it’s still stronger than the 2.6.6 Zodiak WW build, right?


Most players will squeeze out a few more tiers without fishing. After that, it’s more of the same old, same old.


Meanwhile, mr. darkpatator has already cleared 146 in 12:58 with Crusader.


Yet his 140 with Barb on the PTR was apparently too broken (?)

I don´t really care much anymore , but this glaringly obvious approach difference between classes is ridiculous.


People already asking for support (pet) barbarian from you when you join game. If you rend barb, they instant kick you. It just happened 5 min ago. This is 3rd kick today for me. Barb still dead, nothing changed.
I think im done with this garbage game.


Thought I’d run a couple of 105 “speeds”. They were NOT fast. P1874, all ancient gear but from WW build (so, no rend% dmg, AD in shoulders etc) and suboptimal rolls (but what is optimal anyway?). Also, no FoT. Gems at the 120s, trapped/taeguk/stricken.

First try: Tried standard WW build with PoC, BK, Lamentation, Ambo in cube. It was laughable. Barely in front of timer.

Second try: Rend-only, with Istvans (ias/cdr and ias/dmg to elites that I had laying around, both high dmg ancients), Wastes 6, CoE/BoM/Zodiac, PoC, Mortick. Much stronger, finished the run in around 7 minutes. Perendi destroyed me because wrenching smash eats up so many zodiac procs and couldn’t have all my defenses up at the same time. It felt though that only during physical CoE I dealt significant damage. That’s 105!

Third try: WW5/CC2 with rorg in cube. CoE and Zodiac rings, rend-only. PoC and mortick. Unplayable, very squishy at my level. Good for extreme paragon?

Fourth try: WW5/CC2, rorg/zodiac/BoM. Not enough damage without CoE. 6:30 remaining, probably worst maps/pylons of all my tries (all tries were on bad maps though). Cooldowns were a lot more manageable and toughness was fine.

What a joke. Yes, better rolled gear will get me to a couple of levels higher, a bit faster. What a f joke.

EDIT: post-nerf chantodo (with a lot better gear though) I am a bit slower than before, I clear 114 in 7-9 mins and 110 in 5-6 mins (instead of 7 and 4-5 before). Yep. At the same level as post-nerf Rend. No doubt. Spot on prediction, bravo.

I really don’t care if someone pulls a 140 in history’s best map with 11k paragon. As a speed gr build for the vast majority of players (like I am, solo only sub 2K) Rend sucks balls. Large, hairy ones. What… a… joke…


Anybody plowing 140-145 yet with the once were too OP, now nerfed slightly OP WWrend?


They should make the Barb Class into real PETS with the attribute of picking up all the Materials, Gold and Gems for everyone in the party, then you might get invited to a T6 group and, gosh all mighty, maybe a little higher.

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Why bother with WW when you should be blasting away with Heavens Fury…

Too soon?

I’m sad…