Player 2 Can’t Play Alone; P1 Better Drops; P2 Not Season

Hello. I am playing Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Ultimate Edition on PS4. I am playing as player 2. My husband is player 1. I can only play our game if he plays as well. However, he can play our game without me playing. Why is the game connected to only his profile? And is there a way that I can play within our same game and use the character I have already made, without him also playing? I have also noticed that the game HIGHLY favors player 1 for drops of items. My husband gets way more legendary and set pieces than I do and gets better rolls from Kadalah than I do, despite the fact that I have on equipment that gives me a +50% magic find and a +10% magic find. Is this something that can be fixed in a patch, please? Also, when we were creating the game, it wouldn’t let me create a seasonal character, even though my husband was able to. Why is this? Thanks SO much!!

None of what you described is a bug. You just don’t understand why some things are happening, and other things are your personal conclusions not based on reality.

Why bother replying if you have no actual insight? I am here trying to find answers. If you do understand the reasons, then please explain them, rather than simply putting me down.

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Wow that is harsh dude.